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SCMO ... Southern California Marlin Online ... marlinnut.com ... we answer to them all!

Welcome to what we humbly believe is the best offshore fishing site on the Web. From Cabo to Cairns, Kona to Madeira, SCMO has become the online destination of serious billfishermen. One need only drop by the Marlin Club to come face to face with many of the world's greatest anglers and innovators. Using the many resources SCMO offers, you can learn where to find marlin, how to catch them and - most importantly - why to release them. You can learn a lot in a short time, and have a good time doing it.

While we offer benefits to anglers worldwide, we haven't forgotten our local roots. SCMO continues to offer the best resources for the local Southern California offshore angler - much of which is available nowhere else. From our one-of-a-kind interactive hot spot chart to our marlin tutorial to the best local offshore fishing news, SCMO will help you get out there and get that fish of your dreams.

SCMO is a dynamic site, and we're always changing and adding new features. If there's something you'd like to see here, let me know and we just might add it!

Again, thank you for stopping by SCMO - The Offshore Angler's Online Home.

Tight Lines and Blind Strikes,


Stan Ecklund Jr.
Owner / Operator
Southern California Marlin Online

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