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They say that luck plays a big role in fishing, and they may be right. But, as Vince Lombardi said, "Luck is where preparation meets opportunity." We can't provide you with opportunity, but we can help with the preparation. Use our array of resources to educate yourself and become a better fisherman. Then, when your opportunity comes and you make the big catch, you can smile and say, "I just got lucky."

*** Stan's Tag And Release Primer ***
Perhaps the most important page at our site

Fishing News
Our sources are so good, other sites look to us for the scoop.
Tournament Schedule
Sign up now and show off what you've learned.
Fishing Knots
Learn to tie 'em right!
FishNet Mailing List
Sign up & get the news faster than anyone else!
Fish Tales
Benefit from the experience of others - and enjoy some good stories.
La Galería Del Pez
Fishing photos contributed by our visitors ... a little visual encouragement.
Marlin Tutorial
Learn the secrets no one else wants you to know - all in one place!
Fish Facts
Description and identification of offshore species
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