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Hot Spot Chart


Welcome to SCMO's Interactive Hot Spot Chart, the only place on the Internet where you can actually see all the points, ports and places for SoCal offshore fishing.

The purpose of the Interactive Hot Spot Chart is twofold. First, it is to help you locate the various spots referred to in the SCMO Fishing News and elsewhere, so you will know where the action is. Second, and perhaps more important, it is to help you understand the relative position of the locations and the distance between them. By using the chart, you will be better able to safely plan your next offshore trip.

Be patient - it's big!!!

How to use the chart:

The image above is a reproduction of NOAA Chart 18022, overlaid with circles marking the various mainland ports and landmarks (blue), island landmarks (green) and fishing spots (red). Clicking on any portion of the chart will let you zoom in and see the area in detail, or you can click here to see the entire chart in detail. On the detail charts, as you pass your mouse over a particular circle, the name of the landmark and its latitude and longitude will appear in the status bar at the bottom of the screen. In addition, if you click on a circle, you will be taken to the LatLon table, where you can also get the coordinates for the location. Using the lat/lon information, you can determine the course and distance between points, or even plot your entire trip.

Note: Any mariner worth his (or her) salt knows to use more than one navigational aid. Be sure the other one you choose is Coast Guard approved.

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