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End Of The Line


(Editor's Note: This is the first editorial written for the site back in July, 1996. Time and technology have marched on, and it's now woefully dated, but we like to keep it around to remind ourselves where we came from ... to keep ourselves humble ... and hungry.)

This page represents my ramblings on various topics affecting marlin fishing and fishermen. Today's topic: marlin meets modem ...

A funny thing happened when I went looking for marlin info (and decent sportfishing in general) on the Web ... I found nothing!! After I recovered from the shock, I decided that since I wanted to hone my HTML and JavaScript (web page languages) skills anyway, I'd create my own site for local fishermen and marlin fans elsewhere. Thus was born SoCal Marlin Online. I hope you like it.

My goal is to provide any kind of information a marlin fisherman might need. I have weather links and others to sites I think you will find interesting (I personally recommend checking out the Guy Harvey Art Gallery ... I'd love to know how they did that one!). There's a lot of information, a little of humor, even a few pictures. Basically, it's a place I'd want to visit before I headed out for the weekend.

A little geekspeak here ... this page really needs to be seen through a decent browser. The JavaScript applets I use for the ticker and scroller look like programmers's code if your browser can't read them. If you have an direct internet hookup, then you have no excuse for not having Netscape Navigator 3. If you're on AOL, AOL3 for Windows will let you use Netscape via winsock.dll ... check Help on AOL to see how. Mac users like me will have to wait until September for a decent AOL browser ... :-(

So far, this is a pretty primitive site ... not a lot of fancy layout or flashy graphics. That will all come later. Frankly, for now I just want to know that there is an interest out there for a site like this. If there is, I'll improve upon it. If not ... it was good practice anyway!

I think we're off to a pretty good start here ... online just in time for the season to take off. But I can really use your help. Send me anything ... fishing stories, scanned pictures, trip or tournament updates. Anything that will help make this a place you'd like to visit. There's a link on the main page that will let you send me your stories or email. Most of all, let me know what you think of it ... what you like and what sucks. Your feedback will determine the course and growth of SCMO. And, if you like the idea, tell your friends!!! I really believe that together we can make this a unique resource for all marlin fishermen.

Until next time ...

Tight lines and blind strikes,


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