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Family: Scombridae (Mackerel and Tunas)

Genus and Species: Acauthocybium solanderi

Description: Mouth large with strong, triangular, compressed and finely serrate teeth. Snout about as long as the rest of head. The back is iridescent bluish green; the sides silvery with 24 to 30 cobalt blue vertical bars which extend to below the lateral line, whitish below. 1st dorsal fin long and low, with 21 to 27 spines; no gill rakers.

Range: Its range is worldwide in tropical, warm temperate waters where it prefers temperatures of 70 - 86° F.

Natural History: A large, powerful fish, usually loners, found well offshore even to mid oceanic regions. They are voracious predators, swiftly overtaking prey, of which flying fish and halfbeaks are favorites. Little is known of their reproductive habits.

Fishing Information: Capable of speeds approaching 50 MPH, the wahoo once hooked can thrill any angler with runs of blistering speeds and high leaps with an almost splashless re-entry. An important game fish, it is usually not found in schools and can be caught by trolling bait or artificial lures on flatlines.

Other Common Names: Ocean barracuda, Tigerfish, Ono.

Largest recorded: 158 lbs, Loreto, BCS Mexico, 1996.


Sources: Marine Sportfish Identification, California Department of Fish and Game, 1987; FishBase, FishBase Consortium, 2001

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