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Default RE: New Penns

In response to a similar thread Penns V Shimano on my site I rang a two of the largest Austrlain stores. The deal I proposed was that if someone bought a Penn and wasn't happy with it they could return it for a credit on another reel. The first shop said no, that they hadn't sold a Pennn for ages and they should just get a Tiagra and that out of the thousands sold he had never had one returned to the shop for any reason.

The second shop said they'd be happy to sell the guy a Tiagra and if he wasn't happy with that he could bring it back for a credit.

There are some guys using the new Penns, so far without any problems at all.

For any reel to crack the Australian Market dominance of Shimano they will have to come up with more than a reel that is just as good as a Tiagra and even if it's cheaper they'll need more incentive to do so.

Perhaps a Reel Shootout would work, or perhaps somethiong else. ie a free BTL CD was given away with each Tiagra for a long time. They certainly had a lot of CD's.

Perhaps a series of promoted lectures or the chance to get into a major tourney fishing with a legend or something.

There are lots of great reels on the Market. I've just put a Okuma V55S Spinning reel through its paces catching 50 Mackeral and 10 Tuna spinning metal lures in a day (all on wonderfull head cam video) and the reel went perfectly through some tortuous abusing use. Will it ever get the market share it deserves?

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