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Default RE: Accurate or Tiagra ?

Whew some thread.

Danny draw your own conclusions from folks who have been in the position to use these reels under pressure.Some who swear by Tiagras will not have used Accurates but for sure they would not be using Tiagras any more if they had serious problems with them you can bet on it.This cuts both ways as current Accurate users will point you in the same direction.

Many of these reels never get to reach anywhere near breaking point especially mine LOL.It is the guys who personally put their gear under real heat many days a season who I have listened to and bought my gear accordingly within a budget I could afford.You are chartering so will need to make a decision and probably already have.Not sure where you fish but much of my blue water gear/reels have been purchased based of the formula I have given with my source being anglers who fish Mexican waters a lot more than I have the chance to.Their advice has served me well.I have an array of makes already mentioned here and I am happy with them.By the same token they are not out there all day every day.I will say my Tiagras did work right out of the box and behave as Pete says.My mid range Duels with a couple bumped to fish 80 like a warm up as Chris says and do not like humidity so need to check them if they feel sticky but lovely when they are on song.I have some Penns too an old immaculate 50wide and a later generation 16s and I am not about to give these away either.Many of these were bought before I know anything about Accurate reels and I know very little about them except what I read plus in all honesty I was happy with reels I was using.

I do have a buddy in England who had a lot of problems with an early Accurate Boss purchased from Rok Max in England and it was a nightmare straight out of the box and even after being returned it came back the same and he sold it for 50 quid in the end but it would seem most makers have a few gliches as they go.

As a conclusion I have seen Tiagras in Mexico abused to the point of no return and how they still work I wonder.Crews or their helpers jet dockside hoses into them with the drags open and all kinds of other hell they go through and they still work.Not as I would like but they still work....

Buena pesca Jon;)
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