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Cool Re: Hot colours have they changed?


I think the colors have changed. More we have a larger range of skirt colors we didnt have back 20 years ago. But alot of colors are geared to catching fishermen rather than fish

Due to the net we are also sharing more. The days of everyone hiding the colors they use has gone to some extent.

The colors seem to depend upon the local baitfish.

I have also had days where we got the odd fish on pink blue then we put out all pink n blue and couldnt keep up. Likewise days where the most disgusting color green and black lure took all the fish.

I could be wrong but
colors like pink white, pink blue, pink blue silver seem to take fish.
also the floro greens (when mahi are about)
blue silver, gold green

whats everyone think the new colors are ?

It also depend on the time of day as you know and the weather.
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