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Old 05-02-2001, 04:20 AM
Anonymous Bosh
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Default Kona Lure & Bird Teaser

It was one of those 10knt variable beer
drinking days,trolling out of Waihou Bay
NZ.We where low on fuel{beer}& action was
slow-so did what a fisho does in these
trying times,I reached for the lure bag
hoping to find something to play with!
I played,I fondeled,I caressed,polished &
then opened another beer.Nothing really
new to put out,started putting them away
when I spotted my BIG-OLE Kona{yo-zuri}.
Shes about 16inchs long,2 round & a real
vicious action to her,shes been only ever
used while trolling baits as after 6knts
she "blows out" even if in calm cond.
Had another beer {thinking fuel} &
decided to run her behind the bird teaser,
maybe that would hold it in the water long
enough for something to eat it?
First try-not that great,too bloudy
eratic.Pulled her in & cut the trace down
to 10ft from bird to lure,then added the
trace to front of bird.
She ducked,she dived,she was on a mission,
8-9knts & she was hummin,so I had a beer to
celebrate!About 30 boats workin the area &
nothin happening all day-talking to
"Kiwiboy"on the radio when "WHAMMO"my
Kona got "nailed bigtime".500mtr run &
there was caos in the cockpit {I spilled my
beer}& then the bloudy thing had the cheek
to "fall off".Fishing contest ended & it
was the last marlin trip for me untill next
season.But its left me wondering If the
Kona/Bird combination is a winner?
Has anyone tried it?
The lure was placed in the center rigger
just behind the white water-the duo made a
lot of mess & reckon its worth a try!!
What do ya EXPERTS reckon...
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Old 05-02-2001, 05:50 AM
Fred Archer
Anonymous Bosh
Posts: n/a
Default RE: Kona Lure & Bird Teaser


Kiwi's. Jeez! I do not want to know what, "Ballbags" means. "Sheep Shagger", either. And if there's a, "Pigsticker" over there I sure hope he uses another name! ("Shaggin'" is a dance they used to do in the Carolina's, right Carolina guy? I prefer to think that Sheepshagger boogies with sheep and not anything else!)

Birds and lures. When I run regular trolling lures I always run a little Moldcraft bird in front of them. Always! I'm from the school that says you can't have too much of a good thing going for you. I believe that when the fish are feeding the bird probably doesn't mean too much. It's when the fish aren't feeding (and if I were an expert I'd know exactly when that was), which as you know is much of the time, that the lure chasing a little bait and just about to nail it can reap tremendous rewards.

I believe that the, "Predator (that is food when the marlin are hungry) chasing prey" that a lure/bird represents often triggers a competitive response in a marlin that comes up (over or around) to investigate your wake. Curious but full marlin comes up to check things out, sees dinner chasing dinner, and can't help himself, stomps the crap out of that careless little lure.

I'll pretty much stop there. Gotta get down to the boat and fish today (Sigh! These year-round marlin seasons can be tough on an old man!). The only thing left to say is that it isn't unusual to miss a good number of these non-feeding bullies. They usually just try to kill that little predator, not eat it. So you miss more than usual and the hookups aren't the, "Gotcha! Gulp! Ouch!" kind we all prefer. But me? Give me a murder marlin that I might not hook or might not hook well over, "Ho, hum" anyday!

Fishing is very, very good here right now!
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Old 05-02-2001, 10:41 AM
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 1969
Location: Jupiter, Florida, U.S.A.
Posts: 784
SCMO Expert
Capt. Bart Miller is an unknown quantity at this point
Default RE: Kona Lure & Bird Teaser

I understand the temptation to do all your laundry in the same wash, been there done that, even had it work for me. Fishing multiple anything does come with a price,and true often a reward. Personally I don't like anything between me and the fish,other than the lure or hook. While bait fishing I have had large baits that were upchucked but not thrown free. Consequently you had to battle the fish and the free swinging bait. When using a bird in front of a lure or bait the same awkward feeling applies, these dragging objects are felt on the end of the line. For some this would not matter a damn,just shut up and crank would suffice. Example world record atlantic blue taken in Brasil using a soft head chugger and bird,one can't aruge with that example.I use to make live bait drops on the deep edge 200 fathoms using large torpedo leads attached near my swivel above my trace. The system worked gangbusters,the fight and feelings prior to strike were condom like in terms of sensitivity lost. I don't mean to detract from what Fred is offering, prey driven creatures will definetly respond if a field of competition is present. Often only to display dominance by a quick kill with no intention of finishing the job,then on other days it is just what the doctor ordered,a bonus stimuli that gets them up and going.

I for one find the same applies when using lures that are very special, example each lures is made for a special place behind the boat, second wave,third wave,fourth wave,fifth wave, and if there is a stinger line then lets place it on the seventh or eigth wave. Your dark shadowy hull is passing overhead along with prop wash exsplosions and noises that can be heard and felt by predators for extened distances.
Talk about an exciting teaser.As I said earlier I use to put everything in the wake that I could think of,including the kitchen sink.Splashes galore,flashing mirrors,under water sounds
played through under water speakers of feeding tuna etc.
Chromed props, painted fish on the hulls bottom,even under water strobe lights blasting.You never know if you don't try,and to this day I am not quite sure of the measure of true importance any of them applied to my catching or not catching.

What I do know is I watched old timers like Capt. John Honl whip my butt day in and day out, until I learned to get a grip on the better understanding of just exactly what we were trying to accomplish and what really makes it happen time and time again.
Capt. Honl would leave at 8:00 a.m. promptly, I would leave at
6:00 a.m., I gave my blood and sweat in an effort to succeed,never resting,compulsive obsessive to the max.
Capt.John simply brought along his thermos of hot coffe,a brown bagged sandwich,and a carton of cigarettes. His single G.M. diesel ticking away at about the same pace as this tried true and
proven vetern of trolling.He trolled four lures only,he was on auto pilot all day,he stayed busy reading the news paper and peeking from time to time through his cloudy binoculars. What wasn't cloudy or dusty was his plan for the day, where to go, how long to stay,what time to get there,what to troll,and mostly how to trust your plan,the plans that have been working for him since he was a very young man.The last thing I want to profess is to be old fashioned,to flee from change,or to not listen to those that are opening new doors and windows into the bold new world of big game fishing.Some of the new ideas are certainly impressive,none the less true balance comes when you can honestly test them against the tried true and tested proven methods.These method and comparisons take a whole lot of time when tested properly,but are worth it. I remeber a tournament not to long ago in the Bahamas which was some what of an example,the boat moored on my port side had a famous lure manufacture as part of their team,it is unimportant to name names,all I will say is that all of his lure products were packaged with cardboard and plastic. He and the crew were busy taking the wrappers off the soft products marked made in U.S.A.,this took them awhile, I imagine he had in mind using them all against me and the others competeing in the tournament.It was a fearful sight this huge pile of wrappers and what was in them.(NOT REALLY) During this tournament I did as the Capt, I described earlier ,we set a plan,what to use,where to go,when to be there,how long to stay.At the end of this big money tournament the boat with all the wrappers
had given us a bag of money that we had won from him and his team mates, along with four dailys,big fish,third and fourth place. The final amount?,I'll never tell,lets just say it would easily have bought a new diesel chrome plated dump truck big enough to cart away all the wasted wrappers and kitchen sink pipe dreams that were left on the playing field. Aloha,Bart

I will pass this on for what it is worth,leave the kitchen sink at home, learn, and buy what really works best and has been working for a very long time. Todays tournament trail speaks volumes about what I am trying to project,keep it simple,stupid.
Aloha,Pa Pa

P.S. Two of the prey drive stimulators I did enjoy using was the old bowling pin teaser with on single Yozuri flying fish ahead of it. The bowling pin swam deep in a hunting motion,above it swimming near the surface was the Yozuri rubber flying fish.

Another one I like is the Yozuri flying fish 20 feet ahead of a lure that is smooth running but not showy, like my St.Thomas Prowler,
or Pakulas mouse. This combination is very hot and not known to the public at large,try it,you got the info from the horses mouth

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Old 05-02-2001, 07:15 PM
Dan _ Kauai
Anonymous Bosh
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Default RE: Kona Lure & Bird Teaser

You know, it’s funny you say that….I heard the same story, & saw others there living it.
I run my boat alone, because of that, I run 4 lines when trolling the outside.
I get stopped just as often as the guys next to me dragging 6 lines & teasers.
I just don’t get the multiples on tuna they do but I GET my bites.

I’ll admit, it is hard on a slow day thinking of all the baits in the box that could go out.
Then I remember, I GET my bites.

Plenty mo fo`learn

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Old 05-03-2001, 04:34 AM
Anonymous Bosh
Posts: n/a
Default RE: Kona Lure & Bird Teaser Aloha PaPa

Great to see you enjoy your self , I think we may
even buy the same brand! I totally agree with you-
sometimes you can try to hard & do to much,this is
when it usually gets a bit frustrating.
Must admit to having a bit of an experiment when things
get slow,expecially between spots.Where we fish at
home{Bay of Plenty-Tauranga}there is a lot of great
spots & lots of water between them.Have come up with
a few winners over the years that have won big events,
I really like lures that make big movement,dive deep,
lures that swim rather than just get dragged!
Have had some BIG action on lures towed behind birds
when trolled on calm days,but I do agree with you!
Im going to get my Kona lure copied as you cant buy
this one anymore,try some different colours,have a
play with the head shape & weights.Have trolled that
lure around 10 times only & had 4 bites.
It surprises me that Kona lures are not used that
much anymore,maybe its because they take a bit of
setting up & are not as "easy" as straight running
lures.If you have any info on where I could buy
some different models-would be much appreciated!
I have fished in KONA once on the boats "Lengend"
& "Madusa",two great captains with exellent crew,
expecially on the Madusa-we told the deckie he
could have a drink with us & he outdrunk us-top guy!
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Old 05-03-2001, 04:41 PM
Bob Hoose
Anonymous Bosh
Posts: n/a
Default RE: Kona Lure & Bird Teaser Aloha PaPa

The old Kona Heads have always worked killer for me. For blues and blacks at Cabo, my #1 choice off the riggers has been a petrolero 1500 7strand Kona Clone and same jig but in dorado on the other rigger. You dont see American boats pulling them like you used to 10 years ago-mostly just the Mexican fleets. Your bird and Kona lure concept is interesting. Id like to give that a try.
Theres plenty of Kona lures still around, you just have to know where to look.

Catch em up,

Bob Hoose
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Old 05-05-2001, 10:15 PM
Fred Archer
Anonymous Bosh
Posts: n/a
Default RE: Kona Lure & Bird Teaser


Kitchen sinks? Mirrors? Underwater sounds? Chromed props? Painted fish on boat hulls? Strobe lights?

I don't recall mentioning any of that stuff when I wrote about Kona lures and birds. I can certainly understand anyone not liking the weight and pressure of a six or more pound skipjack that has slid up the leader flopping around while fighting a fish. However, I wasn't talking about a skipjack or a big sinker or baitfishing. I was specifically talking about a Moldcraft Little Bird, a far more diminutive and monstrously less heavy (at least a hundredfold less, in fact) item.

I don't remember what a Little Soft Bird weighs, but it is akin to a semi-large dragonfly or perhaps a hummingbird. If the, "Weight" of this little, tiny teaser creates an, "Awkward" and, "Dragging" feeling at the end of the line on a 130 connected to a rampaging blue of decent (Or even diminutive) proportions, all I can say is, he who can feel and feels hampered by it should become a safe cracker. Because with that kind of, "Touch", he'd be the best in the business!

Kona Clones are indeed very good trolling lures. They are also inexpensive. I imagine that they are still making them, as there are good supplies of them here in Cabo. Bob Hoose should know the answer to that one.

Old guys, old days, catching lots of fish. Yes, there were a lot of very talented anglers around years ago. I remember. I was one of those guys, too, not the newest young pup on the block trying to get the other doggies to go smell the pee on some tree. Of course, that was before modern longliners, super seiners, drift gillnetters and even better boats, tackle, electronics, tactics and knowledge for sportfishermen became available. In the early days of the commercial monsters there were still one helluva lot more fish around. And then less and less as the commercials took their tolls and the natural geometric equation began ticking toward the inevitable, natural time bomb.

No matter how it is sliced or who tries to slice it, the game has (Regrettably) changed. What was the then and there in marlin and other forms of big game fishing has become the very, very different here and now.

Speaking only for myself, if this, "Viejo Lobo del Mar" had kept on fishing the way he used to, like so many of those around me, he would be catching far less fish today than he did not too many years ago. Just like they are. No, I am not bragging or anything like that. Just telling it the way it is for me. I am way less interested in the way I or anyone else used to do it in the days of plentiful fish stocks than I am how to go about it now, in this very, very different day.

But no. No kitchen sinks, chromed props, strobe lights, baitfish on MY bottom or any of that kind of stuff. Underwater sound? Acoustical chum in a medium where sound travels far faster and further than it does in air? Could that be why fish have lateral lines? Could be, ya know? But speakers? Nah! The right teaser crashing around back there? Oh, baby! You betcha!

Trying to Catch Them While There are Still Some Left,

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Old 05-06-2001, 01:49 AM
Anonymous Bosh
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Default RE: Kona Lure & Bird Teaser

The hot new Lure in NZ this season was a "sea tal"
large flyingfish model.It has a medium Kona nose
and was responcible for the capture of a 940lb
blue marlin-caught on a 7metre boat! I think this is
the largest marlin caught in NZ on a lure.
Once the word got out a lot of people ran this lure
and lots of blues where caught and lost.Its a little
bit of a bother {F****P}about the strengh of the
Kiwi dollar as one of those lures would cost $230nz!!
Yet when I checked out the price on the net the other
day-they cost around $75us.This didnt stop people
from buying them,the agents for SeaTal{Killwell}
where sold out-but it sure did hurt when the blues
jump over your line & bust ya off!!!
Is there a brand of Kona type lure that is around the
30-40 US dollar mark? This would be around the $100nz.
Even If I could just buy the heads & put the skirts
on them myself?
Changing the subject to bird teasers,I run a Boone bird
made with some sort of light wood.Runs very well with
lots of splashing.The first time we ran it we had three
bites on the lure that was attached-not bad for the
area we fish,one stripey & two blues.The last bite we
had that day was the biggest BLUE MARLIN-LINE MELTING
machine I have seen in 18years of fishing.
All the other lures where out of the water & the bird
with lure{pink&blue 5.5 Zucker}was being wound in
when it was hit at astonishing speed.The reel was a
Shimano Tiagra & I wish to this day that the ratchet
was on as we have never seen a 80lb Tiagra setup
empty that quick!It would have been interesting to see
if the clicker would have handelled it?
We saw the fish passing us at 100mph{so it seemed}and
was estimated at well over 800lb,in just 40 seconds we
had only a few meters of line left on the reel &
it was going fast!With no lines to clear on hookup &
950 meters of line{1100yards},we where F****d in
40 seconds!We turned the boat fast but it wasnt fast
enough!!! Have you ever hooked a fish that made you
rethink your entire approach to fishing & who is
actually catching who!
Kioara NICKo

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Old 05-06-2001, 06:39 AM
Fred Archer
Anonymous Bosh
Posts: n/a
Default RE: Kona Lure & Bird Teaser

What a great story! Big blues and monster blacks are incredible beasts, that's for sure! And I guess one of the best parts of fishing is that the ones that do these unbelievable things are the most memorable of them all. And hopefully they survive and get to pass those superior genes on to other generations of majestic, mind-boggling, monster marlin.

Sometimes I think that every one of the really big marlin we actually catch has made a mistake or mistakes of some sort during the battle that allows us to catch them. Yes, we can talk about all the savvy things we did to dominate and land that kind of fish, but as far as I'm concerned we need a brute to make a mistake/mistakes or two if we are going to get to catch and release it.

My biggest blue in 46 years of this stuff came at about this time last year down here in Cabo. I do not kill marlin and have not done so for a very long time now, so I can't tell you how much she weighed. I can only say that I have seen, caught and killed some very large blacks and blues back when we did such (unknowingly) disgraceful things. I have caught granders and have seen some here. This creature was monstrous!

We hooked her up on a brown and orange (A color I call, "Ca-ca de pero". "Pero" is dog in espanol. "Ca-ca" is, well...), 3.5 Zuker that I had cut down a few inches. It had one of those Little Soft Birds skittering along in front of it and was back on my long right rigger. It was blowing like hell and I was following the 20 line home. Water was green and cold. No way in Hades there should have been a blue marlin around.

"Snap! Zzzzz!", my captain is down below yelling, "Marlin, marlin, BIG marlin!" I look back and there she is, a huge pickup truck of a marlin crashing through the waves heading off to my right like some kind of appartion. She tries to jump, but only her head and shoulders get out of the water. "Huge black", I think. "I don't want nothing to do with that thing!", yells my charter. "Huh? Whatchoo talkin' 'bout? Git your butt in that chair, doggone it! That's a marlin of a lifetime!"

He refuses. Long story short, I have to get in the Release Marine and grab the 130 Accurate/Seeker bent butt and do the, "Down and dirty". I'll tell ya something, running the boat and yelling stuff down from the tower is much better duty for THIS fisherman!

3 1/2 hours later I get to slide the hook out of the corner of her mouth and tell her, "Now, you watch out for them damned longliners, darlin' girl. And don't you come around here during the marlin tournaments, 'cause I'll have to kill you if you do that and I don't want to. See ya, ya big, beautiful thing! Thanks for the dance."

Mistakes? I guess I didn't make any, but she certainly did. First, being where she was in the first place. Second, getting hooked up in way cold water. Third, staying on the 20 line for the whole fight. My part? Not so big. Her's was a lot bigger.

Your mention of Boone birds brings back fond memories. I personally credit Pete Foley, Boone owner with the introduction of the first birds to U.S. (Not Hawaii. I believe that is where they came from) fishermen. That year he had a couple of prototypes and had given one to outdoor writer Don Mann to try. I was with Don that first day, fishing out of Key West, Florida.
When I saw that first bird I laughed my ass off! "Hey, Don!", I said, "That thing looks like something a little kid would play with in a bathtub, not something for fishing for marlin! Har, har, har!" It got worse when Don put it in the water running in front of some marlin lure. "Ah, har dee har dee har! Hoo, hoo, hoo! Looka dat little thing! Looks like a doggone little speedboat back there!"

"Marlin! Marlin! Blue marlin!", came the cry from the skipper, Richard somebody or other. Off to our left 50 yards or so there was a little piece of sargasso floating with a school of little baitfish swimming under it. A 300# class blue was circling the weed.

Before we could turn or do anything, that blue one turned and dashed directly into our spread, passing the single lures running on his side, making a beeline to the one with the bird on it and slamming the crap out of it! And we got him.

That is when I started to become a bird brain. But the bird has changed. To tell you the truth, I never liked those hard birds very much. But, hoo, baby, when Frank Johnson came out with those soft birds of his and sent me some to try, that was it! No turning back, then or now! After many years of experimentation I have settled on the little bird only. That humminbird size I wrote of earlier. That's all it takes. Get that little thing skittering along in front of whatever marlin lure wraps your spring and you'll have murderer marlin slamming the bejabbers out of it!

And you know something else? After it turns an otherwise lazy, full marlin into a mean sprited party crasher you, the fish and the tackle will never know that little thing is on the leader!

Hey, how come we call 'em, "Marlin lures", when they catch all kinds of other stuff? And how come we call other lures that catch the heck out of marlin, "Tuna lures, dolphin lures, wahoo lures, etc."? Didya ever wonder about that, or am I the only one who does? Just a thought. Bugs the heck out of me, though.

It is a beautiful dawn here in Cabo. That blazing desert sun has just popped up off to my left. I can see both the sea of Cortez and the Pacific from where I sit here and write. Flat as a pancake and a pretty, pretty blue. The fish are bitin' like demons. No fishing today. Crew needed a day off. So did I, I guess. But it is hard for me to only look at, but not be on my love - that water out there. Where those those majestic creatures that have galvanized my soul and dominated my life for so many years swim.

Thank you, Lord.

Be Well, Guys!
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Old 05-07-2001, 05:00 PM
Junior Member
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Default RE: Bird Teaser

Hey Ballbags!

Just spent a couple of days at Cooloola National Park. Every man and his dog was surfcasting there. Its a bit like Papamoa beach but without the houses. I caught a few Darts and breams. We're in Hervey Bay now. Home of Vic Hislops "Great White Shark Museum". I think we are going to Bunderburg(my favourite) next.
Hope you have been teasing some birds!
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