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Trip Reporter Tell us the details of your recent offshore trips - successful or not!

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Old 09-11-2000, 08:05 PM
Chet Spreen- BITE ME
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Default Thurs.-Sun MABT Marlin

Let's call this report the HARD LUCK report because that is all we had, that and BAD LUCK.

We started out Thursday pre-fishing for the Masters. We wanted to try and find a new area of fish other than the Clemente stuff. So we worked the 289, 209, 277, 1-5 miles off Church, and the Slide for not one sighting of a marlin. The 289 looked fantastic though, with feeding Yellowfin everywhere, water temp 70 with a 2 degree break on the outside of the bank, and hordes of terns and jaegars. We finished the day dropping off my dad in Avalon to make his trip back to the mainland on the Catalina Express for a wedding Friday night.

First day of the tourney, Friday morning we left the can dump around 4:45am heading for the Mackerel Bank right behind Randy Woods on OFFSHORE so we felt confident that this was the place to be and no new areas of fish had been found by the pre-fishers.Once on the Mackerel we commenced trolling, pounding the area, we covered the whole lee through 2 tides for no marlin raised or seen. So off we went to the 289 where we found good conditions the day before, but once again no marlin. The day ended for us back in Newport Beach picking up my dad for day 2 of the tournament. 6 fish were caught today with most coming from off the windmills near Wilson's Cove. On the way in we found a group of quick feeders between the 277 and the 14 so we decided to start there on day 2.

Day 2 of the tourney found us on the 277 at daybreak until hookups started happenning out near Clemente. Using our RDF we found the guys off the west end of Clemente and 1 to 4 miles off Wilson's Cove. As we cruised into the area around 10:30am at 17 knots we came across our first group of feeders with perfect casts but no bites. Soon we found this would become very routine for us, as we casted on 8 more groups the rest of the day for no bites. There were at least 40 boats in the area and 23 fish were caught. There were some doubles and even triples so the fish were biting for other guys just not us. It became embarassing that we couldn't get any fish to go, I was in a state of disbelief. REEL TIME II won the tournament with Dave King as high angler with 3 releases on 16lb.

Sunday we arrived on the grounds 4 to 8 miles off the west end of Clemente. We found a little life but no fish. THen a radio report came across that OSPREY had a triple going, so we used the RDF and found them 1.5 miles off Wilson's. We ran into the area and baited 9 groups of feeders that consisted of at least 6 fish with one group pushing 30 fish. We again could not buy a bite and ended up thoroughly frustrated with another performance of 0-0-0. I have been HUMBLED!!!! Todaty the fish started showing 1 to 3 off Wilson's then moved steadily west which is exactly what they did on Saturday.

Water temps in the zone were 68.5 to 69.1
we made bait(greenies) off the newport pier the first day and off the quarry at the east end of catalina on saturday night.

Tight Lines,
Chet Spreen

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Old 09-11-2000, 08:37 PM
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Default RE: Thurs.-Sun MABT Marlin

When I first started marlin fishing, I used to hear the older guys talk about how it would build character. I never understood until I had my first day like yours. No other kind of fishing can have the same effect. Sorry you guys covered so much water without results, but I'm sure you'll improve this weekend. Great report as always!

You cannot be a sportsman and not care about the fish. You can be a fisherman, but not a sportsman, and no self-respecting angler should settle for being just a fisherman.
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Old 09-11-2000, 10:35 PM
Anonymous Bosh
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Default RE: Thurs.-Sun MABT Marlin

Thanks Stan, sorry I didn't get a report to you via the phone. :( I was a little distracted by our lackluster performance. I saw your dad out there charging Sunday morning in the big boat, did he get any to go?
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