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Communiqués News and information regarding the forums and SCMO in general

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Old 06-11-2009, 07:38 PM
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Thumbs up Hey, You! Edit Your Profile!

We like to talk about this being a little community, and part of what makes it that way is knowing about your fellow members. So, whether you're a new member or an old-timer from the last board - or the one before that - take a moment to edit your account information

Controls --> Edit Your Details
Here, you can change the the user title associated with your account (C'mon, you don't really want to be "Junior Member", do you?) and several other details. The most important ones are down at the bottom, though.

For some silly reason, vBulletin doesn't use real names - probably a legal thing. But we don't believe in hiding anonymously behind username, so take a moment to add your real name. While you're there, you can tell us a little more about where you live, what you do, and where you work.
Controls --> Edit Your Avatar
You're welcome to pick your favorite pic to serve as your avatar, but remember that this isn't one of those other sites - show a little class in the selection, or I'll enforce the class for you.
Controls --> Edit Your Signature
It's unfortunate, but signatures did not convert from the old program, so you'll have to start fresh. The good news is that you can use any of the editing tools used for posts for your signature as well.

You'll find that MNAC members get a little more flexibility on what they can do with both Avatars and Signatures - one more reason to consider becoming a site supporter!
Controls --> Edit Email and Password
Take a moment to verify the email address we have on file is the one you really use - that'll help if someday you forget your password and ask the program to send you a new one! This is also where you can go to change your password should you want to.
Controls --> Edit Options
There's some useful stuff here that controls how you see the forums. Make sure you select the correct time zone, and I'd recommend that you select the "Enhanced Interface" under Message Editor so you get all of the tools.
The whole process only takes a couple of minutes, and greatly adds to the experience for all of us. Thanks in advance for taking the time to make our community better!

You cannot be a sportsman and not care about the fish. You can be a fisherman, but not a sportsman, and no self-respecting angler should settle for being just a fisherman.
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