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Old 01-11-2015, 10:34 PM
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Default Line class and hook profiling/sharpening

I have been thinking a lot about sharpening hooks correctly, and there appears to be many ways to do this correctly. Its not too difficult to make a super sharp point, and if that is enough to get 90% of the way to a better hook up, then we are achieving something, and is good enough for many. However, there is still room for another 10% of improvement, and for those of us who have a more pernickity approach and more time to perfect what we are trying to achieve.
One thing is seldom put out there is about the wire thickness relative to line class. There is a growing popularity in using some lighter guage hooks, specifically Peter Pakula's Dojo lights, and those such as the Gamakatsu SL12 and Pakula Katana for lighter line classes and easier releases and does make good sense except if you need the bigger sizes for larger lures. As far as I am awre only the Pakula Dojo lights, address this issue directly where you are using medium heavy line class such as 50lb, as is in my case. In regard to this dilema I have been filing down the back of the outside of the heel to the point of the hooks to a taper and reducing the point size to one I feel more approprite for the line class, yet still maintain the integrity of the point and more than enough strength for the hook to hold relative to its chosen line class use.
I would like to know what the more experienced guys think in regards to this issue?
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