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Astrofire 09-18-2016 04:49 PM

Marlin....Marshall Islands
New not Marlin fishing. I have caught one Marlin, but it was not my setup on the rig. I hooked a Marlin, it cut the leader right under the lure. So I have some questions....what pound leader should I be using? I use 300 right now, but I have lost at least two with this. I am trolling 8 to 12 inch skirts. Penn 80 vsw with 130 pound line. Leader line, for Marlin, steel or mono? It seems in kona, people hook up Marlin all the time, here not so much....any words of wisdom?

Thanks in advance

dustin 09-19-2016 05:31 AM

Re: Marlin....Marshall Islands
Forum member "Mikey Mike" was based in the Marshalls (Kwaj?) for some time, if you look for his posts you should find some very useful info for your area.

Regarding your specific question re leader to use... 300 can be very light leader for big marlin on heavy tackle. If it's necessary to use light leader (ie. if you are really fishing for yellowfin and need to use light leader to get the bite), you could try reducing the amount of drag when you hook a marlin, increase drag later if it's necessary to control the fish. If you're targeting marlin you could step up to say 400 or 500 lb leader (1.8 to 2.2mm). Smaller lures may need to be rigged and run carefully to ensure they are fishing correctly. Steel leader isn't necessary for marlin lures except for the piece between the hooks, or between the head and the hook if you're using a single hook rig.

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