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Knot Guide


The San Diego Jam Knot

Also called a Reverse Clinch or Heiliger knot, it is very popular with long range fishermen (hence the name). This high test knot (95% when tied properly) can be used on many line sizes, with the number of turns decreasing as the line test increases.
  1. Pass the line through the eye of the hook, swivel, or lure. Double back over the main line.
  1. Begin making turns over the main line. The number of turns varies with line size, from 8 turns with 10lb line down to 3 turns with 40 lb.
  1. Complete the appropriate number of turns, then thread the tag end of the first loop above the eye.
  1. Holding the coils in place, pass the tag end through the loop created by the last coil of the knot.
  1. Hold the tag end and standing line while pulling up the coils. Make sure the coils are in a spiral, not overlapping each other. Slide against the eye. Clip the tag end.

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