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A Funny Thing Happened on the Road to Relaxation …

Never thought I’d say it but … weeeeee’re baaaaaack!

Yes, after better than three years of inactivity, the time is right for the return of the MarlinBlog. I’ll get into why in a minute, but wow – what a mess to restart! You have to pull off the tarps, dust everything off and … most important … update the software. But when I stripped away all the debris and turned the key, lo and behold – we’re back in business.

Those who’ve been around for a while will remember the origins of the MarlinBlog. In an attempt to make our Fishing News updates more focused on fishing, as well as have a year-round outlet for my snarkiness, the MB was established nearly 10 years ago. We had our serious moments and our not so serious ones, but for the first three years we were blasting out posts on a nearly-daily basis.

After a while, though, Facebook came along and became the platform of choice for anything less than an article-length posting, and the MarlinBlog paid the price. We’d post periodically in fits and starts, and ended and returned more than once. Finally, for reasons I’ll save for another day, we hit the wall in June of 2012. More than once I tried to put my mind back into crafting posts, but I finally said “the heck with it” and rode off into the sunset.

Last winter, I decided to not continue the Fishing News updates, again for reasons I’ll save for a different post. It was a difficult and controversial one at the time, but one that ultimately demonstrated itself to be the absolutely right decision to make.

Ironically, it was that decision that in large part leads us to today. Recently, I found myself increasing irritated about a number of issues, but I had no real place to rant about them. You can only squeeze out 140 characters on Twitter, and trying to do any more on Facebook will just cost you friends. So, after much soul searching, I turned to the MarlinBlog to once again give voice to my frustrations. I can’t say how often we’ll post or how detailed each post will be – we’ll just have to wait and see.

I’d intended for this to be a nice quiet fall transitioning into fall, but apparently that’s not to be. The blogger is in, and let the rants commence immediately.

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