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Here Come The Miami Marlins!

I swear, I didn’t think I’d live to see the day, but the Marlins finally have a funding plan in place that will give the team a long-needed new stadium. The retractibly-domed facility, which will be built on the current site of the soon-to-be-demolished Orange Bowl, will seat 37,000 fans and open for the 2011 […]

Monday Sports … Er, Marlins Rant

Normally, I’d be talking about the sports of the weekend, but today I’m going to concentrate on a single sports story – my beloved Florida Marlins. I had the chance to see the Fish up close and personal Saturday evening as they played the home team out at Dodger Stadium (BTW – note to stadium […]

Good Day To Be An Ex-Marlins Manager

Major League Baseball announced their Managers of the Year for the recently completed season today, and it was no surprise to see the awards go to a pair of former Florida Marlins managers, Jim Leyland and Joe Girardi. Leyland, who led the Marlins to their first World Series victory in 1997, received his award for […]

Sporting Nirvana

Is this a great time to be an LA sports fan or what? Los Angeles has long taken grief from those who live east of it as some kind of wasteland when it comes to sporting events. A lot of that comes from the fact that we lost not one but two NFL franchises within […]

Who Are You, And What Have You Done With Albert?

I won’t lie to you – picking on the Angels comes as naturally to me as breathing. Raised a Dodger fan, I learned early that the Angels are like that bratty little sister that wants to tag along with you and your friends. And quite honestly, that whole “Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim” BS is […]

Hot ‘N Steamy Sports Rant

It’s been like a sauna in the LA Basin for the last few days – a fact no doubt appreciated by all the athletes at the Home Depot Center for the X-Games … – ¬†Remember last week when we wondered how Juan Pablo Montoya would react to a crushing NASCAR loss at Indy after a […]

Le Tour De Sports Rant

OK, maybe I spent a littte too much time watching the Tour de France over the last few weeks, but everything seems to have a yellow tinge to it … –¬† The procession that is the last stage of the Tour de France was completed yesterday, as Team Astana successfully delivered Alberto Contador to the […]

Scorching Hot Sports Wrap

It’s hotter than hell here in SoCal – I know, ‘cuz OJ’s seen both and he’s verified it. The sports was pretty hot, too … – OK, I know that you know that it ain’t gonna last, but we’ve got to enjoy it while we can. Everyone say it together: Florida Marlins, 12-1. That’s right, […]

It’s Monday … It’s Sports … It’s Rant …

Another big sports weekend … – Memo to all those of you who took Tiger over the field in the Masters: He’s back, but not _that_ back. Actually, both Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson learned valuable lessons this weekend in Augusta – strokes squandered on Thursday morning are just as important as those lost Sunday […]

Just Another Sports Rant

Lots of sports got crammed into a short amount of time this weekend. Where to start … where to start … – How about those Florida Marlins delivering a kick to the collective crotch of the New York Mets, beating them on the last day of the season to deny them a playoff berth – […]