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Go Fast Eye Candy

You know, it must be pretty cool to be a Formula 1 pilot. I mean, you get to drive the most technologically advanced race cars on the planet, travel the world in ultra-style, rub shoulders with the regal and royal, and get paid millions to do it. And then there’s the girlfriends. Everyone knows about […]

Weekend Eye Candy – Happy Halloween Edition

Here at the ol’ MarlinBlog, we’ve been accused over the years of having something of an Alessandra Ambrosio obsession. Given the number of appearances she’s made just as our Eye Candy selection, it’s hard to defend. But can you really blame us? Here’s Ale hanging out on the beach in St. Barth earlier this week […]

Now That’s What I Call Eye Candy

What? Is this somehow not self-explanatory? Are you really as dumb as a bag of hammers? OK, here goes: it’s the weekend, this is eye candy … and some mighty fine eye candy at that. No, I don’t know who she is – all I can tell you is that she models for Bodique, the […]

Eye Candy For A Cause

There are two things I can tell you upon which you can count. First, I’m not a supporter of PETA. Second, you couldn’t pay me enough to watch an episode of “Dancing With The Stars.” But, much like foxholes make strange bedfellows, every once in a while you find common ground with entities to which […]

Weekend Eye Candy – Who’s Your Mommy Edition

It’s a long tournament weekend, so you get your eye candy a day early. Any complaints? I didn’t think so … Remember the old makeup commercial where they asked, “Maybe she was born with it?” Of course, they wanted you to believe the only way you could look amazing was to slather on a variety […]

Weekend Eye Candy – Sucks To Be You Edition

Poor Megan Hauserman … she tries so hard. She wants to be a star soooooo bad, and is obviously willing to do just about anything to be one. Let’s see … there were the appearances as a Playboy CyberGirl … the biki-clad trading cards … the Guitar World ads. And then Megan discovered reality TV. […]

Weekend Eye Candy – Little Mermaid Edition

Once in a while, I’ll catch some heat over the age of some of the Eye Candy selections we post here at the MB.  I mean, it’s not like I’m posting pictures of Miley Cyrus or something, but unless I’m in a particularly milfy mood there’s a decade – or generation – in age between […]

Eye Candy Going Under

I’m sure at some point, my schedule will allow me to get offshore and spend some quality time chasing marlin, and I’ll break this addition I seem to have for water-based selections for our weekend eye candy.  But it won’t be today. This week, we bring you model Carolyn Murphy, from a shoot for the […]

A Different Kind Of Eye Candy

Every Friday, we like to run a little eye candy to make up for taking the weekend off from posting. In the past, that’s always been in the form of some kind of pretty girl in a topically relevant pose, but there’s more than one way to be sexy. With the passing yesterday of guitar […]

Eye Candy Redux

Every so often, I sit down to the keyboard to craft some words of wisdom for the MarlinBlog; something that will inspire, inform, entertain, anger – raise some kind of emotion in those who read them.  The ultimate feedback on my success, of course, is the number of comments I receive from our readers.  It’s always […]