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Home » Archives » September 2006 » Girl, Put On Some Pants!!

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09/13/2006: "Girl, Put On Some Pants!!"

I try to stay away from gossipy topics, but they just ... keep ... dragging ... me ... back ...

We've laughed ... er, talked ... about actress Lindsay Lohan and her less-than-professional behavior before. Seems not a day can pass without some item about LL crossing the gossip wires, and today is no exception. But I see a ... unusual? ... trend developing.

Apparently, Ms. Lohan is a little problem with her dressing skills - she keeps forgetting to put on her panties in the morning. Now, I remember what it was like to be 20 (really, I do!), and we all knew a girl or two who occasionally chose to "air it out". But they weren't in the public eye, and they didn't have paparazzi following them 24-7.

Considering her experience with the press in the last few years, one can only assume that Lindsay knows that every time she gets out of a car, there'll be a dozen flashbulbs popping, and a photog behind each just hoping to get a panty flash. Presumably, she's decided to avoid that possibility by skipping the whole panty thing altogether. As a result, her snapper's been, well, snapped twice in the last week as she exited her ride. I know what they say about bad press being better than no press, but you gotta draw the line somewhere - and this sounds like a pretty good place.

Obviously they're NSFW, so I'm not running the pics here. If you just gotta look, you can find the shots here and here. And if you click the links, don't worry - there's help available.

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On Thursday, September 14th, Pete said:

The resaon the Stingrays are being killed is that Stingray Barbs are now worth quite a bit of money up north. Doubt the slaughter will last long.

On Friday, September 15th, Steve Mras said:

That little hamburger between her legs is not that appealing.

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