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Home » Archives » September 2006 » Wake Up and Smell the Dog Shit

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09/14/2006: "Wake Up and Smell the Dog Shit"

The part of Redondo Beach where I live is called Central Redondo. For those of you familiar with the area, it's the band of properties south of Artesia Blvd and north of 190th St. Most of the streets are one-way, having been laid out at a time when the lots were all 150' by 150', and if your family owned a car, you only had one and it had a crank. As the aerospace workers flooded into the region after WWII, there was a need for housing close to the plants in El Segundo. The lots were split into three, with houses built on each or, in an increasing frequency, two houses constructed to form a duplex - that's what the Home Office is.

As the demographics of the home seekers continued to change, the properties changed with them. Single homes gave way to more duplexes, and even the older duplexes were plowed under to make way for larger and larger homes. Today, most of the properties in my neighborhood consist of 50' by 150' lots with 2 two-story homes, each with 2600 sq feet inside. They're crammed with all the amenities today's yuppie couples crave - marble, stainless, and berber - but they don't leave much room for much else.

That's a problem for many of my neighbors. You see, most of them are upwardly mobile types, who hate the thought that someone else has something they don't have. So they sacrificed lot size - land - for nicer fixtures, a nicer car, weekly massages and the like. And, of course, a dog.

Now you might wonder how someone who doesn't own land keeps a dog? Sure, the small ones don't take up much room, but that's not a status symbol - these folks need something big enough to say "I'm important". There is a dog park just a few blocks away, but that's for the common folks and, after all, they're far too busy to take the extra time to go to the dog park. So what's a yuppie to do?

Come by my place at 6AM and you'll see. There they go, walking up and down the block by the dozen, each with a leash (or three) in one hand and a warm bag of crap in the other. Apparently, they figure that it's OK if they don't own a yard so long as someone nearby does. They also think that so long as they scrape most of it up, it's OK to let their dog crap wherever it wants. Never mind that children may be playing on that same grass in a couple of hours, or that there's no way to scrape up dog piss. They collect their baggie of doo and move on. After all - it's not about us ... it's all about them.

And you wonder why they're called "yuppie scum" ... plain

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On Friday, September 15th, Steve Mras said:

I'm a dog lover and my yard is 150 x 332. Plenty of room for several boats and a dog, of which I need another as my beloved Cleo passed away from cancer exactly a year ago.

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