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09/18/2006: "The Early Bird Gets the Marlin ..."

It's no secret that I've gained all the marlin knowledge I have while fishing on one boat - HOOKER. It's also known, albeit not so well, that I want to spend some time fishing on other boats to validate - or modify - my knowledge base, so as to be a better fisherman. Unfortunately, desires don't equate to opportunities, and it's hard to turn down a free weekend on HOOKER to pay to fish elsewhere.

This past weekend was the Balboa Angling Club's Master Angler Billfish Tournament. As it does every weekend during the season, HOOKER was out fishing, but not in the event. As a BAC member, I feel like I should be there, and it's a great challenge fishing against the best in West Coast light tackle anglers. But HOOKER only fishes in two events each year, and the MABT isn't one of them. I was already tripping over my lip about it when I saw the reports from Friday of some of the greatest local marlin fishing in history. After that, I felt even worse.

Now, I'm a tech guy, and I consider myself pretty well connected to the world. I have email, cellphone, a blog, a forum ... you name it, you can probably reach me by it. But the key is that I have to be available to be reached.

Why the detour in the entry? Simple. Friday night I'm home working on one of my customer's sites. I finish around 9, take a quick check at SCMO and a few other spots, and shut it down for the night. What I did not do was take the time to check my email. If I had, I'd have found a notice from my forum system letting me know I had a message waiting there for me. But I didn't check ...

... Until the next morning, when I found the message was an invitation from one of the MABT boats to sub that day for an ailing angler. Unfortunately, I didn't get the message until around 9 in the morning, by which time they were no doubt far offshore. If you think I felt bad Friday night, I was positively suicidal on Saturday.

Now, it would be easy to rationalize things by saying that all my equipment was on HOOKER anyway, but the bottom line is that a great opportunity to accomplish two different stated goals was lost because I was too stupid to check my email. Me - the guy with the website.

The moral of the story is that if you're going to have a communications device, check the damn thing once in a while! Grrrr ... angry, grr

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