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Go Fast Eye Candy

Vroom-vroom ...

Vroom-vroom ...

You know, it must be pretty cool to be a Formula 1 pilot.

I mean, you get to drive the most technologically advanced race cars on the planet, travel the world in ultra-style, rub shoulders with the regal and royal, and get paid millions to do it.

And then there’s the girlfriends.

Everyone knows about last year’s F1 Champion Lewis Hamilton and his relationship with Pussycat Dolls lead singer Nicole Scherzinger, but how about that Jenson Button? Not only did he wrap up this year’s drivers title, but he’s about to put the wraps – in the form of a ring – on model girlfriend Jessica Michibata. She’s a new face to the MB, but she’s using her exotic heritage – Argentinian and Japanese – to quickly rise among the catwalk set.

If the rumors are true, she’ll soon be Mrs. Button. For now, she’ll just have to settle for being Miss Weekend Eye Candy … :-)

Weekend Eye Candy – Happy Halloween Edition

Bang your ... um ... head?

Bang your ... um ... head?

Here at the ol’ MarlinBlog, we’ve been accused over the years of having something of an Alessandra Ambrosio obsession. Given the number of appearances she’s made just as our Eye Candy selection, it’s hard to defend. But can you really blame us?

Here’s Ale hanging out on the beach in St. Barth earlier this week as part of the latest Victoria’s Secret catalog shoot. Now we all knew she could rock the bikini, but who knew she could just flat-out rock? I mean seriously – have you ever seen a better Ozzy Osbourne/ Gene Simmons impression? All she needs is a little more facepaint or a headless bat and she’s ready for trick or treat.

Fortunately enough for you, dear reader, we’re the ones getting the treat this time … ūüėČ

Now That’s What I Call Eye Candy

What? Is this somehow not self-explanatory? Are you really as dumb as a bag of hammers?

Dayam .....

Dayam .....

OK, here goes: it’s the weekend, this is eye candy … and some mighty fine eye candy at that. No, I don’t know who she is – all I can tell you is that she models for Bodique, the French lingerie house (that would be the stuff she’s barely wearing). After that, do you really need to know more?

I didn’t think so.

I should point out here that this wasn’t my first choice for the weekend eye candy, but the other one wouldn’t let me take any pictures. Too bad, ‘cuz she’s spectacular … :-)

Eye Candy For A Cause

There are two things I can tell you upon which you can count. First, I’m not a supporter of PETA. Second, you couldn’t pay me enough to watch an episode of “Dancing With The Stars.” But, much like foxholes make strange bedfellows, every once in a while you find common ground with entities to which you might normally never come within a million miles. This would be one of those times.

KSmirnoffPETAPETA’s been on my list ever since they decided that I, as an angler who chooses to release the marlin I catch, am somehow worse to the cosmos than the guy who kills his fish since, in their minds, what I do amounts to torturing the animals for pleasure. Interesting point, and an interesting insight into how their thought processes work. I can’t help but wonder what color the sky is in their world, but I’m guessing it’s blood red – the same tone as the slop they throw on celebrities caught wearing fur in public. As I said, we don’t see eye to eye.

The one thing I can respect about PETA is the effectiveness of their advertisements. The concept is the same – get a PETA-supporting actress to shed her clothes for photographs, props in all the appropriate places of course, and declare her desire to go naked rather than wear fur. Let’s face it – it caught my attention sufficiently enough that I’m writing about it, and that’s in no small part because of their new ad featuring DWTS house dancer Karina Smirnoff. Now, short of hitting Wikipedia, all I can tell you about her is that she’s named after a decent vodka and certainly has the body of a dancer, as is clearly evident in her ad. Of course, I have no idea whether there were PETA representatives on site for the shoot, so for all I know she had her fur coat waiting just off set. But her willingness to get naked for a cause puts a smile on our collective faces, and is enough to receive the honor of Weekend Eye Candy.

Weekend Eye Candy – Who’s Your Mommy Edition

It’s a long tournament weekend, so you get your eye candy a day early. Any complaints? I didn’t think so …


... but I like it!

Remember the old makeup commercial where they asked, “Maybe she was born with it?” Of course, they wanted you to believe the only way you could look amazing was to slather on a variety of their products, but I’m here today with an example that shows maybe there’s something to the first notion.

It wasn’t that long ago that supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio was pregnant – really pregnant. You always wonder how good a job someone will do at putting all the pieces back together after the body trauma of pregnancy, and in Ale’s case it all worked out just fine. Here she is last week after a long night of clubbing … er, hard supermodel work. Long day, no makeup – still looks just fine … with heavy emphasis on the “fine” part. Born with it indeed!

Enjoy your weekend – I certainly intend to!

Weekend Eye Candy – Sucks To Be You Edition

Poor Megan Hauserman … she tries so hard. She wants to be a star soooooo bad, and is obviously willing to do just about anything to be one. Let’s see … there were the appearances as a Playboy CyberGirl … the biki-clad trading cards … the Guitar World ads. And then Megan discovered reality TV.

What's a poor golddigger to do?

What's a poor golddigger to do?

She’s put together a resume’ that should make any fame whore proud: “Beauty and the Geek” … “Rock Of Love” … “I Love Money” … “Rock of Love: Charm School” – she’s got the game down, and make quite a nice living off of it. Finally, Megan got the shot they all must dream of – her own reality show! “Megan Wants A Millionaire” debuted a couple of months back, as Megan looked for her own version of “Mr Right”. Unfortunately for her, she was actually a lot closer to finding “Mr Goodbar”. The show wrapped filming last spring, and one of the contestants (and rumored eventual winner) Ryan Jenkins used his winnings to party in Vegas and marry a Vegas model after only knowing her for a couple days – hey, what happens in Vegas, right? In this case, though, the pair left Vegas and the model – Jasmine Fiore – ended up stuffed in a dumpster with only her breast implant serial numbers for identification. Jenkins skipped the country, only to hang himself in a Canadian motel. Good riddance, to be sure, but I know what you really want to know – what about poor Megan?

Yes, our Megan ended up with the short end of the stick. Burned by the publicity of hiring psychopaths as dating show contestants, VH-1 cancelled “Megan Wants A Millionaire” after showing only the first three episodes. They’ve promised her a new series, if she’ll just keep her mouth shut about the whole model murder thing – which she’s done, for the most part.

“It’s been a very challenging time, I’m happy to move forward at this point. It’s been a very upsetting, sad, tragic situation that nobody could have expected.”

Wow … that’s deep. I’m sure the Fiore family was touched.

Anyway, with the cancellation her show there wasn’t any pressing promotional events for Megan to attend, so she spent her time as any celebutard-in-training might – bikini-clad, sipping wine on a rooftop bar. Since she’s got nothing else to do, and apparently comes cheap, we’re gonna use her as our Weekend Eye Candy.

Sharp-eyed viewers might notice that there’s no water in this picture. That’s right, our long national nightmare is over – I’m going fishing this weekend. Of course, I’ve probably just jinxed the whole damned thing by saying that, but one way or another, I’m gonna be at the bar at the Marlin Club come Saturday night!

Weekend Eye Candy – Little Mermaid Edition

Ready to take the plunge, Mr. Prime Minister?

Ready to take the plunge, Mr. Prime Minister?

Once in a while, I’ll catch some heat over the age of some of the Eye Candy selections we post here at the MB. ¬†I mean, it’s not like I’m posting pictures of Miley Cyrus or something, but unless I’m in a particularly milfy mood there’s a decade – or generation – in age between myself and most of the models. ¬†But I’ve got nothing on Silvio Berlusconi.

Berlusconi, the 72-yr-old Prime Minister of Italy, is a rich and powerful man.  Beyond the political clout afforded the senior leader of the G8 nations, Berlusconi owns several media outlets as well as the AC Milan football club.  This is a guy who knows what he wants, and has the power to get it.

Right now, what he apparently wants is shown at right jumping off a boat in Sardinia. ¬†Noemi Letizia is an 18-yr old aspiring model in whom Berlusconi has taken an unnaturally active interest. ¬†All parties – the PM, the model and the model’s family – claim everything is innocent, but Berlusconi’s wife recently filed for divorce, making the statement at the time: “I cannot be with a man who spends time with under-age women.” Around the same time, Berlusconi attended Noemi’s 18th birthday party, presenting her with a gold and diamond necklace and a book inscribed:

“To my little Noemi, my little graphic artist, your little daddy teacher.‚ÄĚ

Even taking into consideration the roughness of the translation, it’s not exactly “Happy Birthday, Princess”. Italians are a tolerant lot, but I’m not sure they’re this tolerant.

Personally, I blame French President Nicolas Sarkozy. Ever since he bagged model Carla Bruni, the bar’s been set pretty high for European Leaders. It certainly gives the term “keeping up with the Joneses” a whole new meaning.

And I even managed to work water in one more time … :-)

Eye Candy Going Under

I’m sure at some point, my schedule will allow me to get offshore and spend some quality time chasing marlin, and I’ll break this addition I seem to have for water-based selections for our weekend eye candy. ¬†But it won’t be today.

Healthy lungs help a a time like this ...

Healthy lungs help a a time like this ...

This week, we bring you model Carolyn Murphy, from a shoot for the Italian edition of Vogue magazine. ¬†She’s a Florida girl who started in the model biz in the mid-nineties, and has appeared in the iconic Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. ¬†She’s also dabbled in TV and movies.

Like many of her fellow models, she’s had a few bumps in the road. ¬†There was the brief marriage and subsequent motherhood – and the ex-husband who tried to sell the sex tape they made on their honeymoon. ¬†Then there’s the tattoo – a huge koi that stretches from the middle of her back down her right thigh. ¬†Guess you have to position her just right.

For our purposes, however, she works out just fine, and continues our “wet” trend. ¬†Will it continue next week? ¬†Stay tuned.

Oh, and for the record, no supermodels were harmed in the making of the blog posting … :-)

A Different Kind Of Eye Candy

Every Friday, we like to run a little eye candy to make up for taking the weekend off from posting. In the past, that’s always been in the form of some kind of pretty girl in a topically relevant pose, but there’s more than one way to be sexy. With the passing yesterday of guitar legend Les Paul, we’ve decided to honor his memory with a different kind of eye candy – that sexy beast of a guitar that bore his name. May we present the Gibson Les Paul

Just as sexy whether posing or shredding

Just as sexy whether posing or shredding

Les Paul might have been just another footnote in the history of popular music had he not been so frustrated. Performing first with Mary Ford and later on his own, it irritated Paul that he couldn’t play loud enough for a large audience to hear. Beginning in 1941, he experimented with different prototypes for a solid body electric guitar. His experiments culminated with the 1952 release of the Gibson Les Paul, a guitar that continues to set the standard for electric guitars and has been used by a half-century of guitar greats.

But Paul didn’t stop there. Four years later he designed the first eight-track tape recorder, a device that changed the way music could be recorded in the studio. All the while, Paul continued to release Grammy-winning albums; just last year he released “Les Paul and Friends,” an album of duets with some of the greatest guitarists of all time. ¬†Those touched by his life commented on his passing:

“Les Paul was truly a ‘one of a kind.’ We owe many of his inventions that made the rock ‘n roll sound of today to him, and he was the founding father of modern music,” B.B. King said in a statement. “This is a huge loss to the music community and the world. I am honored to have known him.”

Joe Satriani said in a statement: “Les Paul set a standard for musicianship and innovation that remains unsurpassed. He was the original guitar hero and the kindest of souls. Last October I joined him onstage at the Iridium club in [New York], and he was still shredding. He was and still is an inspiration to us all.”

In a statement, Slash said, “Les Paul was a shining example of how full one’s life can be; he was so vibrant and full of positive energy.”

Others might have made their own impact on the electric guitar (Leo Fender among them), but few can boast such a game-changing life as Les Paul. Scary to think what the music scene might sound like today had he not acted on those frustrations so long ago. Les Paul was 91, and will be missed by every sore-fingered guitarist – and their fans.


Eye Candy Redux

Every so often,¬†I sit down to the keyboard to craft some words of wisdom for the MarlinBlog; something that will inspire, inform, entertain, anger – raise some kind of emotion in those who read them.¬† The ultimate feedback on my success, of course, is the number of comments I receive from our readers.¬† It’s always interesting to see what kind of postings raise what kind of comments and where.¬† Some generate comments on the main blog, others on the Facebook cross post, and still others result in messages in my email inbox.¬† To be honest, most generate no comments at all, indicating that too few people read them or I’m just not tapping into the emotional centers of my readers – or both.

Maybe it’s a reflection of the kind of folks who read the MarlinBlog, but nothing generates comments quite like our Friday feature, the Weekend Eye Candy.¬† Some like it, some hate it, some like it but hate the candidate, some like the candidate but hate the particular shot – nothing else I do brings the same level of reaction.

Last Friday was no different.¬† We ran a head shot of actress Odette Yustman, rising phoenix-like from the water, and piercing the screen with her gaze.¬† I thought it was pretty amazing, but that’s not what the ol’ mailbag tells me.¬† The consensus was that I got the right person, and the right photoshoot, but the wrong picture.


Now, I’m an open-minded kind of guy, so I respect your right to disagree with me. ¬†I don’t think you’re right in this particular case, but that’s not the point. ¬†You have an opinion, and I respect it. ¬†In fact, I respect it so much that I’m willing to actually review the evidence and let the people decide. ¬†Here’s two more shots from the same photoshoot, with different angles, perspectives, levels of flesh, etc.¬† I still like the one we went with, but here’s your chance to play me.¬† Which one would you have used, and why? ¬†Use the comments to register your votes, and I’ll let you know what the results are in a couple of days.

Somehow, I think we’re all winners in this one …