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Weekend Eye Candy – Who’s Your Mommy Edition

It’s a long tournament weekend, so you get your eye candy a day early. Any complaints? I didn’t think so …


... but I like it!

Remember the old makeup commercial where they asked, “Maybe she was born with it?” Of course, they wanted you to believe the only way you could look amazing was to slather on a variety of their products, but I’m here today with an example that shows maybe there’s something to the first notion.

It wasn’t that long ago that supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio was pregnant – really pregnant. You always wonder how good a job someone will do at putting all the pieces back together after the body trauma of pregnancy, and in Ale’s case it all worked out just fine. Here she is last week after a long night of clubbing … er, hard supermodel work. Long day, no makeup – still looks just fine … with heavy emphasis on the “fine” part. Born with it indeed!

Enjoy your weekend – I certainly intend to!

Totally Anonymous Eye Candy


I don't know who she is - do you?

Here at the MarlinBlog, we want to educate, to entertain, to bring something to your day that will make it a little better for at least a moment.  That said, we know from our email bag that there’s one weekly task we have that our readers value far above the others – selecting the Weekend Eye Candy.

It’s usually a pretty straightforward task.  We look at the events of the week, or the time of year, or some kind of significant milestone that’s occurring, and pick someone who represents it the best.  The real challenge can be determining the right shot of that person to include, but that’s a good kind of a challenge, if you know what I mean.

Sometimes, though, a picture will cross our desk that stops us in our tracks, and practically demands to be used as the weekly tidbit.  This is one of those cases.

Frankly, I have no idea who this is, other than that she’s a model representing Atlantic Swimwear, and rather well, I’d say.  But she does make me think the beach, the sun, and curvy girls, and that’s all good by me!  Here’s hoping it’s good for you, too …

Isn’t it amazing how every decent infinity pool has a hot model standing alongside?  I gotta get me one of those!

Weekend Eye Candy – Better Than Ever Edition

Everyone loves a good comeback story. There’s just something about being down, and getting back up, that taps something in our psyche – we just can’t help but pull for someone seeking redemption.

Now, that might be part of why Alessandra Ambrosio once again graces our Weekend Eye Candy. A long-time favorite of the Home Office staff, we were all dismayed at her pregnancy and childbirth late last year. After all, this was one of the world’s top models – could she possibly regain her form and place at the top of the heap?

Fear not, dear reader, as this recent Victoria’s Secret shoot attests. Ale’s doing just fine, thanks. Her daughter Anja is healthy, and she’s still engaged to Jamie Mazur, the child’s father. Oh well, we can’t have everything …

Anyway, this “better than ever” theme was more than just a opportunity to run another shot of a fine woman. It’s a reminder that we’ve completed the upgrades to the MarlinNut Forums, and they, too, are better than ever. Swing by and see for yourself, and be sure to check out the new Galleries where you can host your own photos and videos!