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July 30

Game on!

Four flights later, my trips to Seattle and Reno are behind me. Hopefully, that’ll end my travels – at least for a few weeks. The good news is that I brought home some smoked salmon from the Pike Place Market in Seattle that is to die for. The bad news is that while I was gone, the first local marlin were caught. Wait a minute – I guess that’s also good news!

I’ve been out of touch for the last week while flying all over the west coast. However, unless you’ve been sunning yourself on the beach like our friend here, you know that the fishing picked up over the weekend. Dave Elm, fishing on Greg Stotesbury’s KAWAKAWA scored the first released striped marlin for the "northern fleet" on Sunday when got one to take a bait on 20-lb tackle fishing just above the 289 Spot. This area has probably seen the best signs in the last few weeks, and I know several boats hit it hard last weekend. I guess you just had to be there on the right day!

Never one to miss an opportunity, WILD BILL was working the same area and were able to release their first marlin of the season shortly after KAWAKAWA. They also had a shot at a swordfish in the same region, but were unable to get it to go.

It’s just a guess, but I’m going to assume that my inability to contact a lot of the folks I look to for info is a good sign that a lot of people played hookey today. You and I both know where they’re going … :-)

Unfortunately, that leaves me without much info, since my handheld doesn’t get the local fleet from Seattle. But if you need to know how the salmon bite is up there right now, well, I’m your man …

You know, they say you can only get jet lag from traveling east and west, but I’m absolutely beat from my north-south travels …

Those who’ve followed these reports over the years know I’m a huge Tour de France fan. Like many, I was enthralled by the Lance Armstrong years, but I’ve followed Le Tour back to the days of Greg LeMond. As much as I love the event, I find myself with at best mixed feelings in the wake of the conclusion of the year’s tour yesterday in Paris.

As I blogged earlier today, I am disgusted by the controversy that has enveloped the sport of professional cycling and the lack of personal character on the part of the riders. It was thought that the heroic story of Armstrong would be enough to put the memories of the Festina scandal behind the sport and make for a clean break. Yet Armstrong wasn’t even settled into the retirement life when Floyd Landis was stripped of his victory last year in the Tour. This time, the controversy is so thick and the expulsions so frequent that even those who love the sport question its ability to survive.

I can’t answer for the future of cycling or Le Tour. I know that they need to clean up their act in a very serious fashion or face extinction – or worse, irrelevence. For now – or at least until he fails a drug test – let’s celebrate the victory of Alberto Contador of Team Discovery. Perhaps he will lead a renaissance in the sport. One can only hope …

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