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July 16

Someday soon, you’ll come to this report and read wonderous tales of marlin and swordfish.

Not tonight.

Wait a minute – that’s how I started the last report. Even if it’s true, I should show a little more originality than that.

I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to feel gypped. I mean, we had the first swordfish and the first marlin caught on the same day – the same freakin’ day! I just assumed it was the beginning of an epic season. "Not gonna have to work this year," I thought. "The Fishing News will practically write itself!"


Let’s go ahead and get with what facts we know. Marlin – no new catches, although there’s a rumor that ERIN MARIE got one over the weekend somewhere down south. Swordfish – the stickboats are getting good numbers between San Clemente and Catalina, although the private boaters haven’t gotten any more. Tuna – the albacore bite is scratchy at the 182 … definitely down from the high a week ago. We’re still waiting for them to move northward from the Butterfly in some kind of numbers; folks will periodically get one on the troll to the north but nothing resembling a school. Furthest reports north I’ve gotten was the 209 and between Pyramid Head and the 289.

Not a whole lot to pass along.

Since no one’s catching anything, there’s obviously not many new pictures to share. I had to dip into the SCMO archive to find this shot of a marlin taken from a different angle.

So here’s my strange sports story for the day. Scott Olsen is a pitcher for the Florida Marlins who has potential but often undermines his ability with his temper. You know the type – break your hand on the dugout wall when you get a loss – that type. Anyway, yesterday he’s pitching for the Fish against the Washington Nationals when the time comes to pull him for a relief pitcher. He didn’t do anything special on the mound – otherwise, it’d be all over the media – but he must have said or did the wrong thing later. Today it was announced that the team had suspended him for two days for "insubordination and conduct detrimental to the team". Oops.

Oh, and if you – like me – thought the Cubs were out of it a couple of months ago, look again. They’re only a couple of games behind the Brewers (who had to put their best starter on the DL today) and they just picked up catcher Jason Kendall for some veteran leadership. Looks like they’re playing for the long haul …

I’m obviously a big Mac guy, so I was thrilled when the iPhone was released and managed to live up to most of the hype. Those same media outlets who claimed it would tank are burning out their gearboxes having to back up so fast. But I also appreciate that not everyone in the world is an Apple aficionado, and that there are other opinions out there. If you’re one of those, then have I got something for you!

Apparently, there’s a company out there called Blendtec that makes a series of tough blenders – really tough blenders. Now, they could demonstrate how the blenders work by mixing up a batch of smoothies, but where’s the fun in that? So they established a website called "WillItBlend.com", where visitors recommend items to drop into a Blendtec to see, obviously, if it will blend.

Last week, it was a can of Cheez-Whiz (yes, it will blend – can and all). This week? A fully functional iPhone – with the video running! As you can see from the shot of it at speed, it lasted for a few seconds. You can check out their video, but I’ll spoil the ending for you – it ended up as a cupful of black dust. Now that’s a blender!!

Sound like I’m struggling to fill the inches today? Damned right. I can’t get out on the water for another couple of weeks, so could someone – anyone – get out there and catch some fish so I’ll have something to talk about? Pretty please??

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