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July 6

We have a marlin report! An honest-to-God, eye-to-eye, fish-on-the-line marlin report! We had predicted that the first marlin could go over the 4th of July, and Tim Spaeth on SNICKELFRITZ did his best to oblige us. Trolling 12 miles off Oceanside, a marlin hit a purple lure in the spread and was off to the races. Unfortunately, as stripeys tend to do, this one was a greyhound and spit the hook after a half hour. But at least now we know they’re really here. Tough break, Tim. There were also a few swordfish baited inside the lee of San Clemente Island. The good news for tuna is that there are still some around; the bad news is that they’re widely scattered and thin. Most of the places that produced in weeks past are kicking a few albacore out, primarily southwest of the 43 and down the slide from Pyramid Head. But the numbers are way down, and you have to wonder if the warming water is putting an early end to the tuna season. Of course, we got so spoiled the last couple of years …

As part of our continuing effort to find new ways to use the Offshore Fishing Forum, we have converted our Swap Meet section over to a new OFF forum. The same rules apply though – if you’re looking for something, or to get rid of something, post it there! Of course, you really ought to consider putting it up for bid at the Marine eXchange online auction first, but it’s your choice – we give you every possible option! The new Swap Meet forum is also the place to publicize your fishing related business as well.

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