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July 16

The water keeps warming and a marlin makes it to SoCal – albeit on a swimstep. Is it Thursday already? Time for the SCMO Fishing News!

From the San Diego Marlin Club comes word that they weighed their first striped marlin of the season on Tuesday.  It was caught Tuesday on the Hidden Bank on a blue & white tuna feather and 40-lb tackle.  That’s not that uncommon for early in the season, as the guys looking to fill the freezer with tuna often stumble into the earliest marlin catches.  As we indicated in the last report, the tuna guys are like our picket scouts, giving us that early warning that the battle will soon be at hand …

Long-time readers know that SCMO has had a love-hate relationship with the Marlin Club over the years – we love that they fish so hard, but we hate that they kill so many marlin. Read back through the archives and you’ll find that a lot of marlin have met their maker at the club’s scales, but you’ll also see a continuing effort to change that trend. So let me go on record early this season by saying that we applaud their ongoing efforts to improve, and stand ready to help in any way we can to continue the spread of catch and release by our southern brothers.

Speaking of the Fishing News archives, I’ll have an exciting announcement about those on Monday – stay tuned …

Smiling through the pain

One of the nice things about chasing the pelagics far offshore is that you often find yourself anchoring for the night in some pretty fishy areas. That’s certainly the case when you end a long day trolling for tuna with an evening at Pyramid Cove at San Clemente Island. Many nice fish have been caught while waiting for sundown, but few nicer than this 35-lb yellowtail caught on 12-lb tackle by none other than my dear old Dad last week on HOOKER. He still can’t believe he missed the club record by a measly couple of ounces …

As we mentioned in our season kickoff, we have a lot of new folks who are just now discovering what a great resource the Fishing News can be. I’ll apologize in advance to our long-time readers, but once in a while we’ll be providing a little remedial guidance for the new folks. For example, the new folks probably don’t know that the FN is published twice week on Monday and Thursday evenings, or that there’s a theme to each report – Monday is a weekend recap, while Thursday is a forecast for the next weekend. They probably also don’t know that once upon a time, these reports had a lot more in them than just fishing news. When we started, the FN was a little bit of everything – news, analysis, jokes, gossip, snark – you name it. Along the way, though, a couple of things happened. Some of our readers got tired of the filler and complained that I spent too much space on that and not enough on fishing. A fair criticism, I suppose, which dovetailed nicely with the second occurrence – the rise of the blog.

Now, the Fishing News was a blog before there was a blog, but a few years ago I took advantage of the new software available to create a true blog – the MarlinBlog – to serve as a home for all that “filler”. Hardcores still had their Fishing News, and the rest of us could supplement that with the MarlinBlog and all that snarky goodness. The real irony comes now that both the Fishing News and MarlinBlog have migrated to WordPress – we have two blogs, one with a fishy name and the other with fishy content. Go figure. The key is that to get the whole picture of all that’s going on in the SCMO world, be sure to supplement you visits to the Fishing News with a stop by the MarlinBlog. You’ll be glad you did.

If you’re looking for something a little different this weekend, Humboldt squid are appearing in large numbers near San Diego. These are not your father’s squid, those timid residents of your bait tank waiting to bring you a nice bass. No, these are 5-ft monsters unafraid to attack swimmers – and did I mention they’re carnivorous? Calimari necklaces, anyone?

Have you been watching the Tour de France?  You really should be, because it’s turning into quite the soap opera.  No big drug scandals so far, but one major competitor – American Levi Leipheimer – has crashed out today with a broken wrist, and they’re headed into the mountains tomorrow.  Oh, and did I mention Lance is back?  We love Le Tour here at SCMO, and you can usually get our comments on it over in the MarlinBlog.  Suffice it to say that when we hear the typical American athlete complain about how hard they work or how dangerous their sport is, all we have to do is look to the peleton and laugh …

OK, that’s it for now.  A little short, but then so was the news – as we learn more, so will you!  Watch the Twitter stream, and MNAC members watch your email – you’ll hear about the breaking news first!  If you get on the water this weekend – lucky bastard – be sure to tell us about it when you return.

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