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September 8

The remnants of Hurricane Norbert are making the southland soggy (although not nearly as wet as Phoenix), but it can’t dampen spirits after another great weekend of local offshore fishing. Stick around and I’ll tell you all about it in this brand-new edition of the SCMO Fishing News …

(cue theme music)

POR VIDA release

If you were on the water this weekend, chances are good you saw some action as the bite was on for pretty much all of the pelagic species. The marlin bite returned to the waters between the west end of Catalina and Santa Barbara Island, with around 20 marlin released in the region. For the tuna fishermen, yellowfin were found in good numbers in several places, while the bluefin continued to be line-scarce and small yellowtail were crowding most kelp paddies.

Friday and Saturday saw a pair of events run out of Avalon, one by the Catalina Island Yacht Club and the other by the King Harbor Marlin Club. Most members of both tourney fleets were up on either the 172 or Osborn Bank, although fish came from as far as the 277 and 43 as well. In the CIYC event, a total of seven marlin were released, 4 by the prolific crew on PARADISE DOT CALM. Their reported position was off the west end, but I have it on good authority (my eyeballs) that they got their three marlin Friday and one Saturday closer to the 172. Among the other boats releasing marlin in the event were BAD DOG II, SASSY CISSY and DIALED IN.

In the KHMC tourney, eight marlin were released, three by RUCKUS (although one was disqualified for too heavy tackle) to give them High Boat honors. The first place angler was Kirk Provin, who got the first release of the tournament on his dad Keith’s POR VIDA. Also releasing marlin in the KHMC event were xJEWEL LURE with two releases and DON PATROL and END OF THE LINE with one released marlin each. That’s Drew Haynes at right spending some quality time with his soon-to-be-released xJEWEL LURE marlin.

Best strategic move of the weekend goes to the crew of xJEWEL LURE, who opted to spend the night Friday at SBI rather than run back to Catalina. Not only did they save fuel, but they were rewarded with one marlin Friday night on the way to the anchorage and a second Saturday morning on the way back out … :-)

Walkin’ the dog …

Outside of the tournament action, PESCADOR had a pair of releases on Thursday – a sleeper caught near the toe of the Boot Bank and another released near the Osborn Bank. BLUE CHIP had one release Saturday off the west end, a jig fish that hit a purple and black lure (can you say “Eye Candy”). Well to the south, SNOOPER had a pair of releases Saturday, one each out of a triple then quad bite. I’m not sure exactly where they were, but I believe it could have been the 182 or 9-Mile Bank.

As I’m writing this update, Clayton Kershaw of the Dodgers is doing what he always does – mow down the opposition. I just don’t understand how anyone can be that good at anything. Here you have a guy who last year won his second Cy Young Award (in a landslide), and all he’s done this year is top it. He’s going to lead the league in ERA for the 4th consecutive year, and probably lead all MLB in wins – despite missing 6 weeks with a back strain after the Australia trip. He’s pretty much a lock to be a unanimous repeat for Cy Young, and there’s serious talk of MVP as well. I’d feel bad for Giancarlo Stanton of the Marlins, a favorite player of mine, but Kershaw would get my vote. We are watching a Hall of Fame player in the prime of his career, and we should be grateful …

Interestingly enough, Kershaw’s given up 3 earned runs through 8 innings thus far, meaning his 1.70 ERA will actually go up for a change. But when you read how two of those three runs scored, you’ll understand how little help he’s really getting:

R Rivera flied out to center, Y Solarte to third, Y Solarte scored, R Liriano to second on throwing error by center fielder Y Puig. R Liriano to third on throwing error by catcher A Ellis. R Liriano scored on throwing error by shortstop H Ramirez.

23-lbs of yummy!

For those of you keeping score, that would be three errors on one play. He might be the best pitcher on the planet, but they’re not even the best team in SoCal …

We continue to see some of the best fishing for edible pelagics ever in our waters. How amazing is it? One boat left Marina Del Rey at 6:30 AM, heading for the 172, but never made it. They found a paddy 10 miles short, loaded up on 30-lb class yellowfin tuna, and were back in port by 2PM. Crazy.

Most of the marlin boats off of Catalina snagged a couple of YFT on the troll (even your smiling host, it would appear), but the best fishing was to the south. Most of the spots out of San Diego, including the 181, 182 and 209 continue to produce. Further out, the 43 was a solid choice for tuna, but there were also marlin released there as well. The 277 was a parking lot as boats set up their chum lines and whacked the tuna until they were limited out. It’s mostly yellowfin, with a few skipjack and bluefin mixed in. All along the backside of Catalina you could find puddling tuna, little guys around 5-lbs. They’re so cute at that age …

Interesting note of the week – a half-day party boat out of Ensenada snagged an albacore along with all the other varieties. An albacore run is just too much to ask for … or is it?

Quick update: The Dodger game just ended, and the scorer reversed field on the two runs scored in the debacle mentioned above. Kershaw’s corrected line: 8 innings, 1 earned run, 3 hits, 2 walks, 8 strike outs. His new ERA after 24 starts (18 of them wins): 1.67. Un-freaking-believable …

The next tournament on the calendar is the BAC’s Master Angler Billfish Tournament, and we’ll talk more about that on Thursday. Also Thursday is the 13th anniversary of the 9-11 Attacks, and we’ll have more to say about that as well. More than a few people are worried that the baddies have destructive plans set for Thursday, plans that we are ill-prepared to deal with. I’m among them … hopefully, circumstances won’t preempt talk of fishing …

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