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September 29

The last tournament results of the season, marlin so thick you can walk on them, and a tip of the cap to the Tuna Club – from me, of all people. All of it coming while I was on the road 400 miles from the action. This should be interesting …

(cue theme music)

That’s why they’re called “Striped” …

I’ll confess right up front that this report just might be a little on the thin side. It’s not that the local marlin season is winding down – far from it; it’s just that my brain is numb after a 1200-mile road trip this weekend and I can only string together so many words before I start to spew gibberish. But, it’s 6:30, I’ve gotten all the help I’m going to get, and this thing ain’t gonna write itself, so let’s go!

The Tuna Club held their Hunt Tournament – which I believe is the last marlin event of the season – this weekend. 12 marlin were caught by the fleet, with most of the action coming down on the 302 (more on that piece of water in a moment)

Johnnie Crean had SEA YA down on the 302 for the event, and it was clearly a smart decision. He released a pair of striped marlin – one on the high spot Friday and a second on the north run home – on 20-lb Dacron to take High Angler honors. Carl Lambert was also onboard, and he released a pair as well.

SEA YA’s exploits weren’t enough to take High Boat, however – that went to KELSEY LEE. I know that three of her anglers, Doug Miller and Calen and Chase Offield, each released their part of a bait triple, all on 20# Dacron, also on the 302. That’s only three fish, though, so there must be at least one more in the mix. I’m sure when I get the Release Reports from Chase it’ll all make sense.

The rest of you turn in Release Reports, right, so you can get your catches on the Release Board? Johnnie and Chase do, and look where it got them! Now, I’m not saying that turning in release reports for your fish will bring you luck in your next tournament, but it worked for these two. The data never lies … ;-)

I don’t have all the details, but I believe that JOINT VENTURE had a pair of releases on the 302, and TOTALLY OUTA’ LINE and CHARISMA had at least one. The lone success coming from the north happened on xJEWEL LURE, where Vince Cecere released one off the Slide.

How’s the view from your living room?

I mentioned that I was a bit out of touch with the weekend’s action, having spent the last 72 hours in Central California. As you know, one of my interests in life is architecture, with an emphasis on the work of Frank Lloyd Wright, and I’ve travelled extensively in the last few years to experience it first hand.

In addition to visiting the properties, I support many of them financially. It was through being a Friend of Fallingwater, the amazing Kaufmann Summer Home in Pennsylvania, that I was presented the opportunity to tour two Wright-designed residences here in California. Given the rarity of such an opportunity, I wasn’t going to miss out – and boy, would I have missed out!

The two houses couldn’t be located any more differently – the photogenic Walker House on a spit of land overlooking the crashing Pacific in Carmel and Fawcett House surrounded by 1,800 acres of agricultural fields near Los Banos – but having been build only four years apart in the mid-1950’s they shared many design features. I would show you Fawcett House, which is clearly the superior house, but the owners specifically forbade the use of any pictures taken on social media. So instead, I’ll just have to share a view from the living room of Walker House – a 180-degree view overlooking churning surf and sea otters that might just be the best residential view on the planet. Why yes – that is the 18th hole at Pebble Beach in the background. Thanks for asking …

Back at the 302, the marlin action wasn’t limited to those fishing the TC event. We received multiple reports from crews that all said the same basic thing – best marlin fishing of my life. How good, you ask? CRUSADER got 5 there in the last week, and COWBOY got 5 and ENCOUNTER 9 … in one day! The marlin are attacking in packs, and even lures hanging from the outriggers of stopped boats are being eaten. It’s like Mag Bay – in our own back yard!.

Goodnight, Mr Sun

One thing you do want to keep in mind if you run for the 302 – it’s technically in Mexican waters. You know just how much the local Federales love to mess with anyone whose paperwork isn’t Bristol and wallet isn’t open …

I mentioned earlier about the Tuna Club and some kudos of which they are deserving. I’ve had a love/hate relationship with the TC for years – I love that they are the oldest fishing club in the world and the original source of many of the angling techniques and rules we use today, yet I hate that they abdicated their role as rules makers to live in a past that is in ways as shameful as that of the August National Golf Club. I have listened in frustration as associate members describe the taking of a marlin only because it was required in order to secure full voting membership.

It was therefore with much interest that I learned earlier this year of a change in the qualification requirements, and complete joy that I heard of two members using those new requirements successfully this weekend. By fighting and releasing a marlin on 20-lb Dacron tackle, and successfully tagging the marlin, Vince Cecere and Curtis Woolsey each gained full voting membership in the Tuna Club. SCMO congratulates Vince and Curtis on their achievement, and welcomes the TC to the twenty-first century.

One side note – if you’re a Tuna Club member, you might want to make a note to check out next Thursday’s Fishing News update, where we will be talking about how the IGFA screwed the pooch on the billfish release “rules” and how there could be a role for the TC to step in and clean up the mess …

Tuna? What tuna? I haven’t heard a sound, but I presume they’re still going strong along with the yellowtail and dorado. I did hear several mentions of “bullet tuna“, a species I’m not familiar with. But one more strange species in SoCal doesn’t even get a raised eyebrow from me any more.

That’s all for now. Join us Thursday for an in-depth look at the rights and wrongs of the new release rules and how they’ve had unanticipated consequences on those releasing marlin. We leave you with a shot from a cyber-friend in New York – it’s a beautiful shot of the sun sinking below the Manhattan skyline on the western horizon. Next stop for Mr. Sun – SoCal!

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  1. Sept 29 report
    See ya is spelled see ya, not sea ya. Sea ya spells sea ya. : )
    Carl Lambert got one fish day before tourney, so both See ya and Kelsey Lee had three, but theirs were first, so they won.