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July 27

Thank God – the heatwave has broken! Maybe now all those people who should be wearing clothes will start wearing them again …

Not a lot of news to report, since the weather and the lack of clear marlin direction kept a lot of folks off the water. So, I suspect, is the price of fuel – I heard reports of several lengthy conversations about it over the air during the week. But this weekend should be different, as the milder temperatures should be accompanied by more traditional (read: predictable) weather and, therefore, more boats out.

The warm water (as high as 78 degrees in some places) is really bringing the tropical species north. Dorado are being seen pretty much everywhere, and are hitting so many marlin lures as to nearly be a nuisance – albeit a very tasty one. There were also some thusfar-unconfirmed reports of really big tuna at some of the banks. With the warm water, it’s possible that some 100-lb-plus bigeye may have arrived, so prepare your tackle – and your back – accordingly.

Surprisingly, considering the warmer than usual SSTs, there are a lot of swordfish in the area. No new reports of any taken, but many cases of privateers taking their best shots before turning the fish over to the pros. Several were seen as far north as the mid-channel oil platforms out of San Pedro.

Unfortunately, the marlin sightings remain scarce.

Please allow me a small self-indulgence …

Where were you ten years ago? If you were in Atlanta, you were enjoying the ’96 Summer Games, not knowing that someone had planted a bomb in Centennial Park. If you were Bob Dole, you were running for president, not knowing that someone had planted a bomb in your career. And if you were your humble host, you were in a programming class at the University of Redlands, praying you wouldn’t bomb on your next assignment.

The task: To design and publish a website. No small feat, considering the point in time. Remember, in 1996, no one had yet heard of eBay or Google or MySpace. AOL members had only recently gained internet access. But there I was, wondering what to do.

The instructor said that creating a website was just like writing an article – you need to start with something you know. So I picked a topic with which I was familiar – marlin fishing – and ran with it. By the end of the day, I’d written a little page with some links about marlin fishing, a pleasant teal color (in honor of the Florida Marlins), and what I thought would be a catchy name.

Southern California Marlin Online.

Had you told me then I’d be here now, I’d have slapped you upside the head. But there’s a new logo at the top of the page, so it must be true … ten years of madness. Ten years of marlin. Ten years of friends. It’s been a good ride.

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