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Results for Florida Marlins

August 16

Gettin’ betta … We’ll return to our report of the weekend marlin activity, but I’ve just been handed a bulletin … Kathy Ecklund, fishing on HOOKER, released a striped marlin about 2 hours ago (noon Monday)! I’m sure I’ll hear the details later tonight, but I’d assume it came from the "Tanker Bank" near the […]

July 6

Closer … closer … Well, did we all survive the big holiday weekend? Let’s get a quick show of hands … Here in SoCal, the weather was hot and the fishing is getting hotter, as the war water species continue to push into the region. But while albacore are being caught as far north as […]

October 27

I know you come here for the latest marlin news mixed with a little humor. Tonight, you’ll get the news, but with all the tragedy going on around me in Southern California, we’ll be a little thin on humor … There aren’t a whole lot off boats out right now, but they continue to catch […]

October 16

This was something of an off-week, so there’s not much to report … The water that was cold on the 499 and 267 for the last few weeks is now really cold – and lifeless. In fact, the sea temps look like a more typical pattern, where the cold water seals in the warm pocket […]

October 9

It’s Thursday night and, for a change, I’m not running off to catch a boat. Of course, that’s only because the bite’s somewhere you can’t catch the boat … What, like you need me to tell you where you should be fishing? Haven’t you been paying attention? All together now … 4 – 9 – […]

October 23

“It keeps going … and going … and going …” There’s a temptation sometimes to reach for new levels of superlatives when I describe the fishing, but you have to be careful. After all, if you say the fishing is the best ever, well, that’s a mighty big claim. And yet, that’s exactly how this […]

October 1

OK, I don’t think I have to tell you just how slow the marlin fishing is right now. If you’ve been on the water you know it, and if you’ve been here at all in the last few months you know it. But I’m too much of a hard head to write off the season […]

September 2

A quick report because I’m packing to head offshore and, frankly, there’s not a lot to pass on … Right now, I’m sipping a Shiner Bock and thinking how glad I am that I don’t live in Florida. I don’t know what cosmic laws those guys broke, but they’re about to get their ass kicked […]

July 29

Winds of change are blowing … wait a minute – that’s just the smog … I have so little to report that I feel embarrassed even calling this an update. One striped marlin was hooked on Tuesday near the 209 on a black and purple lure, and I got two different reports of sightings on […]

October 23

We’ve got marlin news … and Marlins news … Good news – marlin are still being seen. Better news – they’re still being caught. It was midweek, so there were fewer boats out, but several marlin were caught and released. The spot with the most action was several miles off the Slide on Catalina. Year […]