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October 16

Not going to lie to you – this update will probably be a little more shallow than usual. I’m beat from having to defend my decision to talk about the dead blue marlin in the last update, and I’m still worn down from the Release Rant the week before. So, you’ll just have to accept […]

July 28

We promised an epic weekend of fishing and while it may not have risen to that lofty height, I suspect it’s one a lot of people won’t forget for a long time. Why? Jump onboard this careening hulk of journalism we call the Monday edition of the SCMO Fishing News and find out … (cue […]

July 24

How you feelin’? – Buster Poindexter, “Hot Hot Hot” If you’re over 20, you know the answer to that and if you’re anywhere in SoCal, it’s what you’re gonna be this weekend. But let the others decide how the phrase applies to your looks or your social life, because if you came here, you don’t […]

July 17

“All good things …” The days are getting shorter (albeit just) and there’s the beginning of a nip in the air – or is it just a sense of urgency? Whatever the reason, it means one thing – the offshore season is upon us. Of course, with the good comes the bad – it’s time […]

August 2

A surprisingly quiet midweek belies what should be a very busy weekend, as the marlin fleet heads out in earnest to find the fish. Where should you go? Stick around … (cue theme music) Welcome to a shiny new edition of the SCMO Fishing News. It’s Thursday night here at the Home Office, and I […]

July 29

Well, I’ve delayed the inevitable for as long as I could. Who cares if they forgot to invite the fish – it’s time to feed another quarter into the horsey ride of my creativity and fire up a new year of the SCMO Fishing News! (cue theme music) Click to enlarge Arr! Let’s get this […]

July 16

The water keeps warming and a marlin makes it to SoCal – albeit on a swimstep. Is it Thursday already? Time for the SCMO Fishing News! From the San Diego Marlin Club comes word that they weighed their first striped marlin of the season on Tuesday. ┬áIt was caught Tuesday on the Hidden Bank on […]

July 30

Game on! Four flights later, my trips to Seattle and Reno are behind me. Hopefully, that’ll end my travels – at least for a few weeks. The good news is that I brought home some smoked salmon from the Pike Place Market in Seattle that is to die for. The bad news is that while […]

June 30

Ah, yes … the 4th of July weekend. A time of dreams … of memories … of time off! I always have looked forward to this particular holiday weekend. As a child, the 4th meant a weekend spent on the family’s runabout in Isthmus Cove at Catalina and cherry bombs exploding in the water under […]

July 26

So, I waited an extra day to publish this report, figuring it would give folks who were on the water this weekend a little more time to file their Trip Report. Lotta good that did … more to follow. This is how it goes sometimes. For the last few weeks, I’ve been having to do […]