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October 16

Not going to lie to you – this update will probably be a little more shallow than usual. I’m beat from having to defend my decision to talk about the dead blue marlin in the last update, and I’m still worn down from the Release Rant the week before. So, you’ll just have to accept […]

September 27

The good news is that everyone survived the Pesky. The bad news is it looks like the mahlin have gone walkabout, mate! If the entrants in this years LPNTAINSLTBFT (Los Pescadores Next To Avalon Invitational Not So Light Tackle Billfish Tournament) had been following the tourney action earlier in the month, they could be forgiven […]

August 15

The first full weekend of the 2005 marlin season is in the books, and thus far, I’d have to call it a draw … marlin win a few, man wins a few … This will initially be a pretty short report, because I’m still collecting reports. Check back in a day or two for additional […]

July 26

So, I waited an extra day to publish this report, figuring it would give folks who were on the water this weekend a little more time to file their Trip Report. Lotta good that did … more to follow. This is how it goes sometimes. For the last few weeks, I’ve been having to do […]

July 26

The dawg dayz of summer … woof … Actually, that howling sound you hear in the background is probably the local marlin fishermen crying for the marlin to show up, fercrissakes. As one of my contacts stated glumly, "No reputable marlin fisherman saw anything this weekend." While that’s a little bit of an overstatement, it […]