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Los Pescadores

Looking for good times and great fishing? You'll find both at the ...

27th Annual Los Pescadores Billfish Tournament

September 23 - 24, 2016
Avalon, California

Join the Peskys and their friends for two days of camraderie, clowning and billfishing. A fall classic for more than a quarter century, the LPNTAINSLTBFD (Los Pescadores Next To Avalon Invitational Not So Light Tackle Billfish Derby) is famous equally for great fishing on the water and great times on the beach. Contested by some of SoCal's best marlineers, the "Pesky" has a relaxed feel you just won't find in other tournaments. Come see for yourself!!

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2015 Winner - Ken Hession

Los Pescadores
All I can drink at Armstrong's! Cool ... where's Armstrong's?
Past Winner - Sarah Holmes
Los Pescadores
We're not responsible ...
Some Rules
  • $140 per angler (still a deal!).
  • Includes kickoff and awards banquet somewhere hereabouts. You're on your own after that!
  • Great goodie bucket filled with worthless junk.
  • Anyone caught acting too serious will be disqualified.
  • Bonus points awarded for correct placement of your bagel.
  • Finder of the Golden Tail will be lavished with many things - maybe even the bar tab.
Los Pescadores
Los Pescadores supports Tag and Release
Two-Time Past Winner - Shane Melton
Los Pescadores
"Love me two times, baybee!"
Two-Time Past Winner - Shane Hurt
Los Pescadores
How do you think I always get to the rod first?
Two-Time Past Winner - Jeff Clary
Los Pescadores
Pride of the MABT ...
Some More Rules
  • 40 mile fishing radius from Avalon.
  • 30 lb tackle for marlin, 80 lb tackle for swordfish (attaboys only for lighter tackle).
  • Not required to report position (you'll get grilled about it at the banquet).
  • Any fish still on after 4:03 pm on the last day don't count. You obviously forgot to lick the fish and should have used more pressure. Failure to comply interrupts the cocktail hour, and screws up our less-than-perfect tally system.
Past Winner - Aaron Grose
Los Pescadores
Paying tribute to the MarlinNut
Los Pescadores
"Avast ye lubbers and gimme some rubbers ... arr ...!"
Past Winner - Reed Miller
Los Pescadores
We miss you ...
Los Pescadores
Jolly mon fish ...

Kickoff Party
Chicken Coop
414 Old Newport Blvd
Newport Beach
Wednesday Sept. 21 at 6:30pm

Awards Dinner
M Restaurant
205 Crescent Ave
Saturday Sept. 24 at 6:00pm

Past Winner - Mark Bacon
Los Pescadores
Bringin' it home, puttin' em down ...

Past Winner - Mike Shroesbee
Los Pescadores
Drinking to forget

Click here to download
entry form and rules


For more information or to enter, contact:
Randy Wood
Matt Earl (818) 601-1351

Past Winner - Dara Stotesbury
Los Pescadores
Don't hate me because I'm beautiful ...
Los Pescadores
Crack Pesky Marlin Spotters

Los Pescadores
Looking for fins the day after

Serious fishing in a not-so-serious tournament!!

Past Winner - Marylin Stephens
Los Pescadores
Bagel? They said I got a tiara ...
Past Winner - Rick Fuller
Los Pescadores
"O Solo Mio ..."
Past Winner - Jeff Wood
Los Pescadores
Forgive me Father, for I have finned ...

Los Pescadores
Was it something we said?

Los Pescadores Fishing Club, Inc.
P.O. Box 1804
Newport Beach, CA 92663

Last Updated: 22 Aug 2018
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