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Trip Planner


Big game fishing can be a very expensive venture. Fuel costs alone demand that you plan your trip wisely. If you mistakenly drive into the teeth of a storm, the cost can be even greater. You need to know where to go and when to go there - use these resources to aid in planning your trip. And remember - a prudent mariner always files a float plan.

The Weather Center

Marine and extended forecasts, satellite images and the famous WeatherCams!
Trip Reporter

See who's finding them ...
Release Board

... and who's releasing them!
USCG Local Notice To Mariners

Get those updates not on your charts
Sea Surface Temperature

Our collection of free online SST charts

NOAA Tide Predictor

Los Angeles  San Diego


Interactive Hot Spot Chart

SoCal Local Spot Lat Lon Table

Find those places you keep hearing about.

moon phases
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