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Fish Tales


Let's face it ... half the fun of catching fish is sharing the story with your friends. Now, you can share that story with your friends worldwide! Email us your story or use the Submission Form and we'll add it to those below. Best of all, we'll send you a set of our famous SCMO bumper stickers - whether the story is true or not ... :-)

B-Day Marlin

Capt. Mike Hennessy shares the story of a special day for a charter client.

A Fish Burned Into Memory

Dave Teufel returens to share the story of an epic battle.

Rhythm and Blues

We join Mike Ables for a fun day on the water.

Tu Tu - Tonner

Capt. Bart Miller returns with a tale of what might have been.

Hold Onto Your Pole

Andy Harley shares his thoughts on marlin fishing in a different kind of way.

Bringing My Baby Home

Paco Saca shares the adventure of his lifetime ... so far.

Yeah, It Was a Pretty Good Day

Your humble host steps away from the keyboard for an amazing day of striper fishing.

Kiss of Dawn

Come join Marco Guirola for a day of diving and fishing.

World Records and the Lure of Pacific Tarpon

Dave West shares with us a successful trip to Panama.

Striper Fury II

He's back ... we once again join El Mackerale for a Cabo San Lucas adventure.


Capt. Bart Miller shares with us the story of one of the most famous fish ever caught in Hawaiian waters.

Slow Trolling Threshers

Keith Poe and Chris Bohlman share their conservation-minded approach to tackling California thresher sharks.

Vanuatu View

Los Hermanos Mackerales introduce us to a South Seas billfish paradise!

September Blues

John Vallon shares with his nephew a once-in-a-lifetime thrill.

Y 2 Kabo

Can Cabo San Lucas survive the Millenium? "El Mackerale" tells all!

Big 'Buts Drive Us Nuts

Neal Peters & Bob Tregilus bring us a colorful story of a NorCal halibut adventure.

Cabo Adventure

We liked John Vallon's charter report so much (see below), we got him to tell us about the rest of the trip.

Soaring with the Eagle

John Vallon, "El Mackerale", returns with a review of a new charter outfit in CSL.

Mako For Mañana

Keith Poe shares with us his expertise in shark conservation.

Twenty Sails and a Barrel of Monkeys

We join Dave Teufel for some wild sailfishing in Costa Rica.

Sailfish Time

Ray Kelly returns to the Keys and takes us along for the ride.

The Other Magic Kingdom

Solomon Rosenzweig shares his recent trip to the tip of Baja.

Tuna Tubing

The Vallon brothers return with a report on their Springtime adventres in Cabo.

Catch And Eat

Jess Thompson makes a strong argument against catch and release. Read with an open mind and give free speech it's due.

Christmastime In Cabo

Join the Vallon brothers as they search for billfish, Christmas dinner and the perfect tuna sandwich.

Karma - A Fisherman's Dream

Greg Bohnet reminds us of the value of the fight in this tale of SoCal swordfish.

Cabo Getaway

Join Charile Bernard as he uses marlin and sailfish to battle the mid-winter blues.

White Marlin Madness

Steve Kaiser shows the benefits of experience as he battles Pensacola marlin single-handed.

Tuna Tales

Bob Tregilus and Neal Peters experience El Niño tuna fishing off Fort Bragg.

Bad Day Gone Good

William Tyler makes a bad trip good - with the help of a big blue marlin.

Clarion Standoff

It's Darrell Ticehurst versus a bigeye - who will win?

Bahia de los Angeles

Darrell "Smitty" Smith leads a caravan down the Baja peninsula.

Releasing versus You Know What

Marty Morris shares some candid thoughts on billfish conservation.

Spring Break Pt. 1 - The Keys

Charlie Bernard warms up to tarpon in the Florida flats.

Spring Break Pt. 2 - The Sails

Charlie and Marjory are back to take on sailfish in Cancun.

Bountiful East Cape

Join Cooke Bausman as he leads a group to the East Cape.

Carolina Bluefin

Mike Moulton and friends take on giant east coast bluefin tuna.

Novicia Fishing Ladies

Panga marlin with first-timers Dell and Patsy.

Marlin Musings

Steve Bledsoe considers the real costs of marlin fishing.

The First Time

Share with Kevin Bohannon the experience of his first marlin.

Winter Wonderland

Join Chris Hull for a trailerboat caravan to Baja's Magdalena Bay.

Kona Adventure

Experience Hawaiian blue marlin and wahoo fishing with Capt. Ray Kelly.

The Good, The Bad and The Wahoo

Bill Hilton shares his recent trip to Los Cabos.

Islamorada Sails

Ray Kelly returns with a tale of sailfishing in Florida.
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