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Fish Tales


Hold On To Your Pole


Something a little different - poetry by Andy Harley ...

I bought this worthless old boat and fixed it up like new,
To take my guests out charter fishing;
Today, it’s just me on one long solo ride,
And a large morning catch is what I’m wishing.

Going out, I see a couple of bottle-nosed dolphins
That are frolicking in the surf;
As we intersect they’re probably wondering,
What it is that I’m doing on their turf?

A flock of shorebirds I also come across,
Dipping and diving trying to get a snack;
Empty-bellied, they each let out a shrill cry,
Straying off the beaten track.

Even if the fish aren’t biting today,
I’m fine and comfortable just being out here?
Getting away from the hustle and bustle of life,
With nothing in the world now to interfere;

After trolling for a bit, I decide to drop anchor,
Sitting myself in a real sweet spot.
Preparing to catch me a mighty striped marlin,
In my 80-pound test line I tie a hidden knot.

It’s not too long after I cast out . . . I hook one!
And a fight at sea is now underway.
The fish starts flipping and peeling line off my reel,
Until it’s almost a half a mile away;

Making an impressive leap out of the glinting water
Right now in the air, he’s just a speck.
But after a forty-minute backbreaking battle,
At long last he does hit the deck.

Today’s going to be a fantastic fishing excursion,
With blue above and blue below.
So far already I’ve had one ecstatic experience;
In which the ol’ ocean helped to bestow.

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