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Fish Tales


First Time


If you remember your first marlin, this story will strike a responsive chord. If you're still waiting for that first fish, Kevin Bohannon's tale will whet your appetite for more ...

The date was August 21,1996. I was to go out fishing on the T-BIRD, a 50 foot Mikkelson owned by Bill Carrey, and skippered by Sean Mullrooney and his brother Brennan. The mission was to catch me my first marlin.

I remember it like it was yesterday. I woke up at three o'clock, grabbed my stuff and waited for Sean to pick me up. As I saw a car racing down the street towards me I knew it was him, so I jumped in the back and we sped off to the yacht club to meet Brennan and Mr. Carrey. We left the dock at roughly four o'clock and once the sun started to peak up we set out the jigs.

We ran for what seemed like a long time and about noon we saw a fish pop up behind the jigs. Brennan yelled out, "We have a follower" and I rushed down the ladder as Sean gassed the boat. The fish quickly grabbed the jig but as I went to grab the rod it came off so we all settled down a bit until about thirty seconds later when we saw two more followers. One quickly took a jig and just as quickly fell off but we still had another fish in sight. Brennan dropped back a bait and the fish took it. He quickly handed me the rod and I went to hook the fish but I felt nothing there - it was gone. So we settled down again and for a long time saw nothing but some hammer heads and one other boat, the WAIT-N-SEA.

At about three o'clock we saw another follower and as Sean gassed the boat the fish ran off. A few seconds later while I was standing on the starboard side the rod next to me started to scream. I grabbed the rod and I knew that this was the fish that was to be mine. I waited until Sean slowed the boat down and he told me to walk to the bow. As I walked up the side, I saw this immense fish jumping. In the background was San Clemente Island and I figured we must be nine miles of Pyramid. When I got to the pulpit Brennan was right there coaching me on what to do. In forty minutes we had color and the gaffs were out. The fish was struggling and as the gaff went down into the water I saw that fish look at me and that was the most beautiful creature God had ever made (except for women). As we headed home a jet gave us a low fly by. Mr. Carrey told me that that was probably his nephew who looks for them every time he would fly his Navy jet to San Clemente.

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