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Marlin Tutorial


About This Tutorial


Before you dig into this tutorial, let's talk about what this guide is, and what it is not. The goal of this tutorial is to pass along, as efficiently and entertainingly as possible, everything I've learned about fishing for striped marlin in Southern California. Some of it was learned the hard way, catching and/or losing marlin in SoCal and Cabo San Lucas. Other lessons were learned in an easier manner, sitting in a seminar or reading a book. No matter the source, the lessons have been stitched together into what passes for my knowledge, and now form the basis of this tutorial.

What this tutorial will not do is declare itself as The Way to catch marlin. While the methods I'll share with you have worked well for me, they are by no means the only ones that work. Often as you study this tutorial, you will see sections where I describe alternative ways of doing something. That's one of the things that is so wonderful about fishing - there are often many different methods and techniques, all of which work. Where possible, I'll share as many as I can.

Let me say a couple of words about the formatting of the tutorial. Each topic, or "chapter" will have its own page, and will be listed in the Table of Contents. I am not writing the chapters in any particular order, however, so you need to start with the TOC to see what chapters have been written. I will highlight on the TOC which are the newest additions to the tutorial to assist returning visitors.

At the bottom of each tutorial chapter, you'll see a set of navigational buttons:

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The left-pointing arrowhead will take you to the previous chapter, and quick learners will probably already have guessed that the right-pointing one leads to the next chapter. The swimming fish icon will take you back to the Table of Contents, and the email link is there to let you let me know what you think about the topic - and I encourage your comments!

Whenever I want to highlight something particularly useful or clever in the tutorial, it will be identifies as a "Stan's Tip:"

Stan's Tip

Always put the drain plug in your trailerable boat before launching. It keeps your lunch dry, and avoids the embarassment of sinking your boat at the foot of the launch ramp.

These are usually the lessons I've had to learn at the highest cost, so I'm hoping to save you from having the same experience.

And now, on to the good stuff ...


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